12:09, Thu 14 Mar
5 due to the embarrassing home form.
12:34, Thu 14 Mar
It’s time for fresh ideas & tactics, so that we can finish the season more positively.

Seriously, what do you suggest given the squad he has at hand?
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
13:15, Thu 14 Mar
7.5 I'd have taken being 6 points off the top 6 all day long at the beginning of the season. Don't think we'll be this close at the end of the season even if we didn't get any deduction.
I've always said this season, that if we finished 10th or 11th The Penguin would be cracking open the champagne and toasting a relatively brilliant season.

Having achievable, realistic ambitions in life is key. My ambition was based on

-successive relegation scraps
-chaotic player buying strategy since Zola days, made much worse by Rednapp
-efl pressure
-efl threatening points deduction
-inability to sign players to up the quality and relieve the squad
-thin squad with quality in only a few areas

No one should have been talking about playoffs with all that going on. That is not defeatist. It is good management.

Yes we have looked top six-ish in a few games. But have we looked top six-ish across a 46 game season?

13:21, Thu 14 Mar
All things considered 7

The owners 1
13:21, Thu 14 Mar
8/10 if it weren’t for the Vile.

7/10 because of them
13:29, Thu 14 Mar
I would also go 7/10
14:27, Thu 14 Mar
9 we got our football club back .
Management players fans as one
Excellent off field as well as on
Its not all about winning

Have we? We're still run by faceless Chinese owners last time i checked.

Management and players yes, fans ? I'm not sure... one idiot punched Grealish the other day and last night i heard songs about "there's only one Paul Mitchel".

Excellent in spells. Some good football but no always. Team togetherness seems there, so i will give you that.

I'd say largely the game is about winning...
I don't go to JUST see us play game of football but I do ALWAYS want to see us win.
Or at the very very least, lose incredibly, like Bolton away where we battered them for 90 mins and lost. I can deal with that. Last night was shocking.
15:05, Thu 14 Mar
All those saying this season hasn't been that good, easily forget just how desperately bad it was last season under Worzel.
15:08, Thu 14 Mar
All those saying this season hasn't been that good, easily forget just how desperately bad it was last season under Worzel.

I haven't forgot - last night was a good reminder. A scary reminder.
16:19, Thu 14 Mar
If you forget previous 5 years = 6.5
If you base on what we have had to put up with last 5 years = 8


We had a way of playing.. "identity" :)
We finally had some games with something to cheer about
We have a united team that play for each other
Che / Juke partnership
Away followings


Losing to Villa twice
Some poor home form against lower placed opposition when playoff carrot was dangling
No second identity
19:23, Thu 14 Mar
Before New Year, I would’ve said 7.5. Since New Year we’ve been poor and won what? 3/4 games?
Our home form since we lost against Bristol has been nothing but shocking and the villa/milwall result has finished the season for me.
Staying up and hoping villa don’t get play offs is all I’m hoping for now, so I’d say it’s now a 6.
12:52, Fri 15 Mar

Highly entertaining season but some poor results, particularly Villa, Bolton, Millwall.

He's got the best out of many players and worked on restricted grounds.
12:59, Fri 15 Mar
As a normal season?


With what we have had to put up with off the field?

14:57, Fri 15 Mar
Tricky question.

In some ways almost 10 out of 10. Reinvigorated club spirit, got a great team ethos going, rebuilt link with fans, gave them faith. The away support is amazing. Got Che to realise something like his potential and conjured more out of Juke that many could expect.

In other ways tho, maybe only 4 or 5 - because for all the team spirit, the side woefully lack a creative force. He hasn't been able to get Jota to do this - and decided ( yes I know this is going back over old ground) to get rid of Fabbrini and Stewart, both of whom were midfield creators at a level - and Stewart still is - above where Blues are just now. Yes I appreciate my way or the highway, but ultimately a top manager would have been able to work something for the best for both sides.

So I'll have to go for a 7 or so, hope we can limp through the next 9 games and then look forward to a clearout of plenty of old wood in the summer.