19:18, Thu 14 Mar
Cheers Paul ya feckin helmet.
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
19:31, Thu 14 Mar
We knew we was going to be charged really, still nobody really knows what the punishment is gonna be do we?
19:52, Thu 14 Mar
Rab C Nesbitt
El Mayor
Rab C Nesbitt
El Mayor
Sky Sports
The Football Association has charged Birmingham City with failing to ensure spectators "refrained from improper or violent conduct" during last weekend's game against Aston Villa.


The rule in question

Tbd there were also a few bottles and a ballboys/stewards plastic seat chucked on. No problem with us being charged.

I have got a problem with them not being charged for the flares they let off.
Ffs just be consistent

Okay, so the flares that went off - that was them bringing them into OUR stadium. Whose responsibility is it to ensure people are properly searched? I think it's ours.
You can't properly search everyone.
That's a ridiculous cop out.
Are you seriously saying we can throw flares at every away game and never be at fault?

You say that but I've got a mate who's a spurs season ticket holder. He told me you can't get anything into Wembley. They questioned him over his inhaler. It can be done, just needs organisation and good/responsible staff.
20:09, Thu 14 Mar
I agree.
21:26, Thu 14 Mar
That’s because it’s Wembley and they’re going to have very good security.

Watch that from when they played at White Hart Lane..
Stick it on the tab
Garry Monk has spoken of his 'surprise' at the FA charges handed to Birmingham and Aston Villa after last weekend's Second City derby.

14:53, Fri 15 Mar
You'll get used to it Mr. Monk. It becomes water off a ducks back. KRO.