06:34, Wed 20 Mar
Pompey's ramshackle ground is a blessing in Comparison to the albatross that Bolton have got around their neck. Who the eff wants to stay at a hotel in Horwich?

A carbuncle like that will drag you under when the cash flow dries up.
09:44, Wed 20 Mar
Latest here:


To put the club's finances into perspective, I am hearing that staff in possession of club mobile phones can no longer make outgoing calls...

09:46, Wed 20 Mar
As pointed out in that liveblog, yet another set of shitty owners who've passed the fit and proper owners test.
Old MacDonald had a farm. EU, EU... Oh.
09:52, Wed 20 Mar
I was talking to one of Phil Parkinson's best mates the other day. He said some pretty terrible things about what is going on. Club staff and players defaulting on mortgage payments whilst there is actually money there.

The chairman cast iron promised they wouldn't sell Madine without a replacement, Parkinson went on holiday and came home to find he had been sold.
Revere me.
10:16, Wed 20 Mar
As pointed out in that liveblog, yet another set of shitty owners who've passed the fit and proper owners test.
The current owners bought Bolton as a distress sale for a quick turnaround. The damage had long been done. Bolton had debts north of £150m. This is why Phil Gartside was pushing Premier League 2 while Bolton were still in the top flight, he saw the writing on the wall.
Adjourned until 3rd April.
12:02, Wed 20 Mar
There is a buyer - who is willing to clear debts.
12:15, Wed 20 Mar
So they can’t be deducted points this season, how convenient.
12:17, Wed 20 Mar
If only we had owners who could manipulate the rules to benefit us rather than just ignore them as they see fit
12:21, Wed 20 Mar
IF Bolton end up losing points then, like us, they should surely want to lose them this season.

They look doomed this season regardless. Not sure what's 'convenient' about this for them to be honest?
12:30, Wed 20 Mar
I think it's more convenient to them than being wound up.
This new buyer had better be legit. The next court date is three days after payday!
12:39, Wed 20 Mar
I agree, obviously, but I was replying to a comment regarding not losing points this season. That's what his reference to 'convenient' was about.
Nothing has gone away for them today. They'll be back there again on April 3 unless they find new owners before then and if they don't then, as you say, they will have far bigger things to think about than when they lose 12 points.
13:06, Wed 20 Mar
What an absolute farce that we could get a points deduction this season and Bolton won't.

Utter nonsense. eff football, eff Dong and eff the EFL.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
13:11, Wed 20 Mar
Oh yes, absolutely, I agree with that wider statement. P&S isn't fit for purpose and the situation at Bolton is worse than ours, in my eyes at least.
13:13, Wed 20 Mar
Bolton may well yet end up punished by a points loss next season, but there should be rules in place which would have already seen them reprimanded for their failings, not least failing to pay the tax man and players.
13:21, Wed 20 Mar
Exactly, which is worse? Buying in players you can't afford to even pay, therefore getting a better side than you should have and causing local business to be left with unpaid invoices and other clubs owed transfer money, or chasing the dream with your own money, whilst paying all bills and owing no other clubs?
13:31, Wed 20 Mar
Nail on effing head.

Problem is, our way upsets the EFL egos more than the other.

Shower of bastards to a man.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
13:35, Wed 20 Mar
Indeed. How long are they going to take to decide whether to dock Blackpool 12 points or not for the receivership issue there at the moment? I don't wish that on them by the way, but it either is or isn't FFS.