13:11, Wed 20 Mar
Oh yes, absolutely, I agree with that wider statement. P&S isn't fit for purpose and the situation at Bolton is worse than ours, in my eyes at least.
13:13, Wed 20 Mar
Bolton may well yet end up punished by a points loss next season, but there should be rules in place which would have already seen them reprimanded for their failings, not least failing to pay the tax man and players.
13:21, Wed 20 Mar
Exactly, which is worse? Buying in players you can't afford to even pay, therefore getting a better side than you should have and causing local business to be left with unpaid invoices and other clubs owed transfer money, or chasing the dream with your own money, whilst paying all bills and owing no other clubs?
13:31, Wed 20 Mar
Nail on effing head.

Problem is, our way upsets the EFL egos more than the other.

Shower of bastards to a man.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
13:35, Wed 20 Mar
Indeed. How long are they going to take to decide whether to dock Blackpool 12 points or not for the receivership issue there at the moment? I don't wish that on them by the way, but it either is or isn't FFS.
18:47, Wed 20 Mar
Redditch Blue
I agree, obviously, but I was replying to a comment regarding not losing points this season. That's what his reference to 'convenient' was about.
Nothing has gone away for them today. They'll be back there again on April 3 unless they find new owners before then and if they don't then, as you say, they will have far bigger things to think about than when they lose 12 points.

Yes sorry, I was replying to Jimmyjump. I agree with you.
18:56, Wed 20 Mar
Imagine the tangle the EFL will be in should we go down with our points deduction and Bolton stay up following administration and a points deduction for them deferred for next season
18:58, Wed 20 Mar
No worries!
19:31, Wed 27 Mar
Maybe sold.

Of sorts.


Nixon reporting the former dodgy as can be former Watford owner is in talks to buy them out

You kind of have to feel for them at this point
13:32, Fri 29 Mar
Elton John?


16:27, Mon 1 Apr
Players and staff on strike, haven't been paid on time for the 2nd month in a row

EFL - shambles
16:28, Mon 1 Apr
The players have downed boots? 😁
16:29, Mon 1 Apr
Totally agree. It's difficult not to feel a bit hard done by when you think these feckers can't even pay the tea lady, let alone the players and yes, ours is a totally separate issue I know.
16:30, Mon 1 Apr
Coulda done with that when they played us.