10:09, Sat 6 Apr
My season ticket is for the Kop and on it it says use entrance 5, Could I use it to gain entry in the Tiltton and then walk around to my seat when I am inside the ground.
10:12, Sat 6 Apr
Ive actually wondered this myself, as im in the Tilton & was gonna have a pint with someone in the Kop.

Sure someone will know.
10:17, Sat 6 Apr
10:20, Sat 6 Apr
I believe the beers pish everywhere in the ground.😂 The reason I ask is that I walk past the tilton turnstiles and there isn’t usually a queue but when I get to the Kop sometimes they are queuing up to the car park gates.
07:52, Sun 7 Apr
I say no. Once asked if I could go into the Tilton for Kop tickets as was running late and some jobsworth said no as there was no access to my seat from there. Told him I'd done the stadium tour and knew you could literally walk all around the stadium. He just said you have to go in the door named on the ticket... Which was fair enough but made me miss five minutes of the match. Suppose they don't want to set a precedent which creates a free-for-all.
08:43, Sun 7 Apr
Might depend which jobsworth is on the gate - someone was turned away from entrance 6 yesterday in front of me for being at wrong entrance don't know if the person turned him away or the scanner said no
08:51, Sun 7 Apr
I use one of several turnstiles along the Kop regularly depending upon the length of the queue. Never been a problem.
09:16, Sun 7 Apr
My seat is in the club class section and on the season card it says use entrance 5 on the Kop, if I want the free program then I have to use the turnstile right by the ticket office I think it is entrance 12 so the scanner recognises my ticket at two different turnstiles on the Kop side of the ground. Just not sure about the rest of the ground.
09:25, Sun 7 Apr
I was told you couldn’t do this on one occasion by a steward because the scanner wouldn’t allow it. It then another time just tried it and went through no problem. Think it depends on who checks your ticket but the scanners don’t seem to differentiate.
09:48, Mon 8 Apr
You can use any entrance in the ground on any ticket. I go through the Kop entrances every week despite sitting in the Tilton because I'm a lazy chunt and can't be arsed for the last bit of the hill.

A pal of mine semi-regularly gets into the Kop using his Main Stand ticket although that's probably slightly riskier...
09:57, Mon 8 Apr
That’s the answer I was waiting for, Confirmation that you do it every game.👍
I will give it a go on Wednesday evening.
Also if I go through the tilton entrance i should pass the cookhouse on the way to my seat win win.
Keep well.
10:05, Mon 8 Apr
I use the entrance by the club shop every week but sit Tilton block 1, never had an issue
10:11, Mon 8 Apr
10:42, Mon 8 Apr
For a few months about eight years ago I used the Tilton entrance by the George rather than the one by the shop that is my designated entrance. Some weeks it was fine, some weeks I got moaned at, some weeks it was no go. As others have said, it depends on the operator.