12:04, Tue 9 Apr
We are only 5 points off the bottom 3 and everybody has their sun loungers out and drinking cocktails like we're safe. Doesn't everybody remember that we are the Blues and we never ever do anything simple! Till we are mathematically safe i for one wont even consider opening the shed to get my sun lounger and my cans of Strongbow will stay in the fridge till we can relax.
12:09, Tue 9 Apr
There is something in this TBF

As long as we don't lose to Rotherham we should be ok......
12:14, Tue 9 Apr
If it's any comfort, I'm never comfortable until we are mathematically safe. I'm not sure many people think we're out of the woods, TBF.
12:18, Tue 9 Apr
You’ve made the first bit up. This thread proves that
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
12:19, Tue 9 Apr
I'm confident in the fact the manager we have at the helm will not allow a capitulation of a size sufficient to relegate us.
12:21, Tue 9 Apr
Of course. Most know we still need points though.
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
12:24, Tue 9 Apr
Indeed but Saturday's win was perhaps unexpected and is a big big step towards safety. Probably looking at two more wins from the last six to be safe, that's a bit different from three wins from six with two of those six being Sheff Utd and Derby.

It has changed the narrative / paradigm considerably... but yes, there is still hard work to be done.
12:33, Tue 9 Apr
Can’t see us needing two wins tbh, in fact I don’t think we’ll even need a win, but I accept that this is Blues..
12:34, Tue 9 Apr
You say that but if not winning again includes losing to Rotherham, Reading, Wigan and Ipswich...
12:35, Tue 9 Apr
Not sure anyone is over confident but with our players and manager I do think we should be able to steer clear.

We have the opportunity to prevent Rotherham, Wigan and Reading getting points against us, even draws wont be a disaster.
There is also goal diff so that means 5 teams need to out point us and our goal diff ranges from +17 - +29 against the teams below us.

On Saturday we actually went up the league dragging QPR below us.

Its nervy for sure but I think we will do it but like most Blues fans never ever over confident.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
12:35, Tue 9 Apr
Nonsense. We will no go down no chance. We are more likely to ascend the table
12:35, Tue 9 Apr
I’ve had my sun loungers out for over a week now ... however that is just because my sofa still hasn’t been delivered 😡
12:40, Tue 9 Apr
Yeah, a few draws will do
12:47, Tue 9 Apr
Yeah, basically not losing the six-pointers would do it.

There is a strong chance we may not need to win another game to stay up, but on the other hand if we lost all six matches we'd almost certainly go down.

Avoiding defeat to Rotherham and Reading is, as we speak at least, key. But if it got that far.....
12:57, Tue 9 Apr
We play like we have in our last 3 games we should have more than enough to win the games needed. What is a bit worrying is how we usually do against teams we should really beat. A run like the one last time we beat Leeds would be nice.