15:40, Sat 13 Apr
Bolton also losing.

Not that it will affect us.
15:42, Sat 13 Apr
Hoping for a Blues, Boro, Bristol and Derby clean sweep today.
15:43, Sat 13 Apr
Maybe he wasn’t toeing the ‘line’, anyway it stops him from having a ‘toot’ of the refs whistle. He always seems to have them eating out the palm of his hand.

Nathan Redmond

15:54, Sat 13 Apr
Just scored his second against Wolves and threw up a 'Z' to their fans..
15:56, Sat 13 Apr
16:00, Sat 13 Apr
Nath's a good lad. I'd love us to be in a position to have him back one day.
Spawny bastards missing 2 of their best players.[/quote

Hause shit you mean 😛 dont be daft.
16:14, Sat 13 Apr
vile given dodgy pelanty. 1-0
16:14, Sat 13 Apr
What an amazing surprise.
16:16, Sat 13 Apr
vile now on for their 8th win a row 👎
16:16, Sat 13 Apr
Is there a rule that they have to get a penalty every game
16:17, Sat 13 Apr
Spawny bastards
16:18, Sat 13 Apr
Spawny bastards missing 2 of their best players.

Bristol City disallowed goal and then Villa get a pen that even some of their fans are saying shouldn't have been it was that bad of a call.

Bit of balance to your point.
16:19, Sat 13 Apr
Ffs. Are they ever going to lose a game getting right on my tits...