16:16, Sat 13 Apr
There’s more goals in this game
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
16:18, Sat 13 Apr
Mrabti very, unlucky. Good play Blues.

End to end at the moment.
16:23, Sat 13 Apr
Yeah this is totally end to end, I think whoever scores the next goal wins this
16:29, Sat 13 Apr
Time to get the reserve wingers off , and get the first string on Maghoma and Mahoney!
16:30, Sat 13 Apr
Mahoney is the only blues player warming up
16:30, Sat 13 Apr
Mahoney coming on.
16:31, Sat 13 Apr
Think Mahoney and Vassell for Mrabti and Adams (whos got a bit of a knock according to the commentators)
16:34, Sat 13 Apr
Yeah I’d deffo get Mahoney on and I think Vassell could hurt them with his pace
16:35, Sat 13 Apr
Is Tait doing the Blues audio?
16:36, Sat 13 Apr
Yeah, well he is on the Blues TV stream assume it's the same on the audio.
Revere me.
16:37, Sat 13 Apr
He ain't happy with the second half from blues
16:39, Sat 13 Apr
BBC reckon Ipswich fans have been singing and dancing all game?
16:40, Sat 13 Apr
Mahoneys corners are such a massive improvement over anyone else in our team. Juke shoulda scored.
16:40, Sat 13 Apr
Just come back in, and saw it was 1-1 .. utter disgrace, Ipswich one of the worst sides in the Championship in recent years.
16:41, Sat 13 Apr
We've been poor second half, not got going really