07:54, Mon 15 Apr
Maxine Collins
Absolutely no way will we be in danger on the last day.

We technically weren’t last year it’s just that we didn’t know it. We didn’t need another point after the Sheff Utd win.
10:19, Mon 15 Apr
As you say, as it turned out, we would have stayed up even if we'd lost to Fulham, but that doesn't mean we weren't under threat going into the last day.
Of course we were 'technically' in danger going into the last day.
Likewise, we may have enough points already this time around too, but we may not, only time will tell.
You can only speak in the present though and there's danger at the moment. It may be unlikely, but there's a danger. Whether that danger becomes reality is another thing entirely.
15:47, Mon 15 Apr
As we've witnessed over the years, this time of the season throws up some weird & wonderful results in terms of teams trying to get promoted, or trying to avoid relegation, when Wigan scored their goal in injury time yesterday (only to be chalked off for a very dodgy offside call from the Lino) I wasn't at all surprised if the goal have stood,the only team (besides Ipswich) who know which league they will in next season at this moment in time is Blackburn Rovers.
16:31, Mon 15 Apr
The shock results happen all season its just they only seem relevant at this point in the season so its only now you notice them.
Revere me.