22:49, Mon 15 Apr
Absolutely awful.A Paris icon,essentially gone. There have been many similar events and I am sure it can be fixed, given time and money.
They say I got brains but they ain't doin' me much good.
05:41, Tue 16 Apr
No ball games
I guess that the Hunchback and his girlfriend will be on the homeless list then?

Claimed asylum here mate. Lives in Northfield.
08:32, Tue 16 Apr
Strange. I was really shocked to hear this on the radio. These buildings sort of belong to us all.
Spot on newblue, never forget when my wife and few of her mates were all off to the ritz for afternoon tea. All of them from the humblest of backgrounds smethwick, Winson green etc, when they got there the front doors had been smashed in by rioters.
I forget what the riot was about but it was the time the son of a pink floyd member vandalised the cenotaph, fcukin imbecile posh boy!
I was gutted for all these ladies! You are dead right we feel that those wonderful buildings somehow belong to us!
08:41, Tue 16 Apr
This is similar to how I felt when Conservative Party HQ got attacked by students a few years ago 😔
The Usual Suspect