10:26, Tue 14 May
What do you think of him?

He seems to be the focal point of Man Utd's failures this season and everyone, United fans and beyond, wants rid of him. It is true that his mind sometimes seems elsewhere and his failure to track back on Sunday was shocking. However, he is without question Man United's star player this season and has 13 goals and 9 assists from midfield. Not really the stats of a bad player.
10:34, Tue 14 May
Him and Hazard are both great players, but I wouldn't make either of them my captain if I were their coach.

My feeling is you need strong characters alongside them to get the best out of them. I can understand why someone like Didier Deschamps can utilise him well in the national team.
10:35, Tue 14 May
I think he is fantastically talented but gets distracted unless he feels he is loved and the team supports him.

I think he wants to play for Real and it almost doesn't matter what Man U do now, he wants out. And the right move is them to sell and rebuild without him.

Add in his agent is an absolute tosser of the first order and its never going to be smooth sailing.

It's a glorious mess and I for one hope it carries on indefinitely.
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
10:36, Tue 14 May
I think he's a brilliant footballer. He has the ability to walk around players and produce something magical from nothing.

Unfortunately, I don't think he has much quality around him and it often ends up being he who is relied upon.

With that said, he does seem to shirk his defensive duties often and moan at others when something is actually his fault.
10:44, Tue 14 May
Not as good as he thinks he is.

A disease within Man u that has spread to the core.

Everything I hate about modern football.
11:14, Tue 14 May
You're right - but then once he's at Real he will want to be somewhere else. Because he's THAT guy.

I had this conversation with a plastic Man Utd fan at work back when Mourinho was still there - he reckoned it was a power play between Mourinho and Pogba and he said he would choose Pogba over Jose. I told him he was reading it wrong and that whoever the manager was, Pogba would still be an arsehole because that's what he is.

Solskjaer thought he could solve it by kissing up to Pogba, but you can't do it.
11:22, Tue 14 May
I'd sell him tomorrow, great ability but not worth all the drama and the player power he possesses, and when they came up against top sides he disappeared.

If they wanna compete with Liverpool or Man City then I think they should bin him, neither of those two would have him.
11:31, Tue 14 May
Was inconsistent and a pain in the arse for Man U especially under Jose.

Went to the World Cup and was one of the players of the tournament to help France win it.

Came back home and was inconsistent and a pain in the arse again.

Doesn’t want to be there,get rid.
11:36, Tue 14 May
Vastly over rated and United wouldn't get half they paid for him.
11:37, Tue 14 May
At least with the World Cup win his value should have gone up on what they paid.

Get north of £100m & buy a few players who want to be there.

People say it'll be a generation before they properly compete again, but Liverpool were a basket case 3 years ago before Klopp got there (whatever your views of him personally) but a proper strategy - both transfers & playing style - have got them to 3 European Finals & 90+ points in the league in that time period.
Dictated but not read.

Louie Donowa
11:41, Tue 14 May
A player whom has an abundance of skill and ability, enough to win most matches and dictate the game. His flaws however are as evident as his talents. The 1st sentance should realistically be followed up with "When he wants to".

Herein lies the crux of the issue for Man Utd fans and is a sort of mirror for many modern day "greats". The inherent Talent is never in doubt, the ability to be either be able to or want show this consitently is key.

£89m for a player who cannot or will not consitenly produce the level of performance he is capable of is a tough ask, and makes it hard to swallow when you see players of lesser ability putting in more of a shift to make up for it, talent alone is not enough to get by on in modern football.
11:44, Tue 14 May
United are in a far worse situation though. Liverpool had a lot of valuable assets when Klopp took over, the United squad is full of old players on humongous contracts.

Sanchez is on 350k a week before add-ons and he struggles to get in the matchday squad, no big name player would go to united for less than what Sanchez is on. Ed Woodward is great at bringing in sponsorship's but as a football man he is awful.
11:51, Tue 14 May
One of the best midfielders on the planet let alone at United or the premier league

“Vastly overrated” comments show an ignorance of football that’s off the scale
12:06, Tue 14 May
Not consistent or reliable though is he?

Billed as one of the best players on the planet but a few games in the 2018 World Cup aside, hasn't produced anywhere near enough performances to warrant that tag. I will sometimes focus on him when I watch the game, to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he's often invisible, there have been many such games in the last 2 months.
12:07, Tue 14 May
You could replace Pogba with Jota & United with Blues and this would be a normal SHA thread.