11:15, Wed 15 May
It is amazing they seem to be struggling so much when you look at the forward/attacking players they can field.

Pogba, Martial, Sanchez, Rashford, Lukaku.

With those 5 playing they should be firing in the goals add a solid defence and they should be contenders. Or is that the playstation effect and in reality, the ‘names’ mean nothing?

I see the papers are reporting Man U might be willing to pay Sanchez £12million to go out on loan!!!

£12,000,000!! And you have Bolton needing foodbanks an us scraping for ways to bring in some cash!

On paper yes, but those players all have major flaws.

Sanchez is done and has the worst contract in football history.

Lukaku as an actual footballer is bad, first touch like a truck. Good at bullying smaller teams but useless against their rivals.

Rashford/Martial are miserable feckers, you can tell when it's not going their way they switch off. Rashford in particular is guilty of this, resorting to 30 yarders all the time.

Rashford/Martial if coached well would be very good, don't think Ole has it in him though.
11:22, Wed 15 May
I don't think Rashford is anywhere near as sulky as Martial. I think Rashford gets frustrated that he is moved about from one game to next and puts in more effort than the rest of the attacking players combined.

He's the one out of that lot they should keep and make a focal point. He's grown up there so he's more likely to stay, at least for a couple of years.

Man C must be thanking the lord they didn't match Sanchez's wages.
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