09:32, Thu 16 May
And let's all start doing the Poznan
11:02, Thu 16 May
The Stoke one was the best...

I've conquered all the chippys
I'm never gonna stop
Pie, chips, and gravy
I've ate the fecking lot
Pepperoni pizza, and chicken vindaloo
Cus I'm a big fat bastard
And I love my fecking food
Allez Allez Allez
01:21, Fri 17 May
I’m not familiar with it, can you hum it?
11:59, Fri 17 May
I’m not familiar with it, can you hum it?

It's a thousand or so"hums"all strung together with a bit of bouncing and a sprinkle of uniformed clapping.

I can't recommend it TBH,ear wormπŸ‘‚πŸ‘Ž.
Understated as ever ... to reflect our dour cynicism ,, a Blues version of Allez Allez Allez

Everyone is singing
A version of this song
So we thought we'd join them
And pretend that we belong
But we haven't really planned it
Or thought of any words
'Cos we spent all our time drinking
And eyeing up the birds
Allez Allez Allez
A stupid feckin' song
Allez Allez Allez
Not as good as Keep Right On

15:22, Fri 17 May
Great song that.

We should adopt it and be just like every fecker else in the whole wide World.


Yeah, it's really effing annoying hearing every tinpot club singing that song. The last time I can remember that happening was the West Ham Payet song, which shamefully we jumped on too.
07:40, Sat 18 May
A workmate (born and bred Staffordshire, Liverpool fan, you know the sort) was trying to tell me on FB that they 'invented' it and didn't copy it off anyone, he even said it gets on his nerves how everyone is copying it.
My nephew (Gawd Bless him) then pops up with a YouTube link of Napoli singing it 3 years ago ...sudden silence from the plastic...πŸ˜‚
08:49, Sat 18 May
That was liquid football!
09:47, Sat 18 May

Blues are nicking this from Motherwell but I'm not complaining though because its feckin brilliant, cov do it too.

I'm such a hypocrite 😁.
13:26, Sat 18 May
To be fair Motherwell stole it off the Chicago Von Steuben Day Parade 1986.
Revere me.
14:18, Sat 18 May
Though we are the only team to ever sing 'ooo I think that I've found myself a Steve Gleeson.'
15:05, Sat 18 May
Where's the evidence IE YouTube video ??? 😁
15:20, Sat 18 May
Where's the evidence IE YouTube video ??? 😁

Go to 1m 28s
Revere me.
17:10, Sat 18 May
I concede πŸ˜πŸ‘