23:01, Wed 15 May
Anyone have an idea when its released? And will it be Adidas this season? Thanks in advance
23:04, Wed 15 May
Normally the design is released june/July. Hopefully nit Adidas I have been disappointed with their template kits
23:05, Wed 15 May
In November designed by Asda by George
23:36, Wed 15 May

Chinese manufacturers


It’s adidas, unfortunately “probably not” the trefoil kit (they have been asked)
23:42, Wed 15 May
Normally the design is released june/July. Hopefully nit Adidas I have been disappointed with their template kits

We don’t have to pick a template this season we can have a say in the design as we have been with them 3 seasons
00:11, Thu 16 May
It's a 4 year deal with Adidas, so this will be the final year of existing deal.

Think the kits have been excellent this season, gonna be difficult to top em!
Used to be Man Lyk Groundsy, changed my name as a mark of respect our neighbours (Coventry City).
An Adidas Originals kit would be top drawer. Not happening but one can dream.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
00:20, Thu 16 May
In November designed by Asda by George

Apparently George is a lifelong Blues fan , and his lifelong ambition was to supply the Blues kit.
06:29, Thu 16 May
I'm sure I read that this year we will be having a bespoke kit by Adidas
07:17, Thu 16 May
That’s been rumoured every year since the first kit.

I’m actually embarrassed we asked for a trefoil kit, you have to literally be one of the biggest clubs in the world to get it.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
07:31, Thu 16 May
No one has one do they?
08:12, Thu 16 May
Don’t think so anymore.

Is bespoke this year though.
10:25, Thu 16 May
Fastforward to the morning for design submission deadline:

Adidas Marketing: "Have you got that Birmingham kit design yet? I need to send it over for approval by this afternoon."

Design team: "Nothing yet, we've been working on the Man Utd, Munich & Madrid kits"

Marketing "Well, we need something"

Design: "Errrr, they had a penguin kit once"

Marketing: "That'll do, just copy that & whack 3 striped on it somewhere"

Design: "Yeah, it'll take 10 minutes - what you doing for lunch?"

Marketing: "Thai?"
Dictated but not read.

Louie Donowa
10:44, Thu 16 May
H Bomb on DES "I'm actually ashamed to support the same club as you"
10:46, Thu 16 May
Yeah, but if we have a retro shirt it'll be like we're back in the 70s and we were young and life was great. All it takes is a retro adidas shirt and we can all be young and carefree again.
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