15:11, Tue 11 Jun
Is it still about and whats the money like these days. Remember growing up doing Littlewoods pools and the pools bloke coming every Thursday night. Great days.
15:54, Tue 11 Jun
Yes still about. I've done the Pools for about 30 years and had a few wins here and there. Still do the Pools, it's mainly online now. Don't know what the biggest win is now but lot less than it used to be due to the lottery and numbers being a lot less. Much more chance of winning the Pools than the Lottery.Probably maximum of £250,000 id say.
16:29, Tue 11 Jun
The rise of the 'accy' must have had an affect too.
Revere me.
17:08, Tue 11 Jun
Yep, I still do the pools and it's all online now. I've had the same numbers for about 25 years and never won a thing but I can't stop now cos I know if I did then they'd come in.