18:07, Tue 11 Jun
Small heath bypass. The roundabout where Blues is signposted right, go straight on. Take first left, pro on street there and walk up the hill.
18:28, Tue 11 Jun
Just the kop

18:40, Tue 11 Jun
I drive in from Coventry (Tile Hill) for Blues home games. Best avoid the Coventry Road in Birmingham as it's always gridlocked. Better to come in via M42/M6 and off at Fort Dunlop, past the Jaguar factory and round the ring road. Birmingham Wheels provide a large car park, its a fiver but we've never had any problem there. Only a short walk up Tilton Road to the ground. Good luck for next season!
18:48, Tue 11 Jun
We will be in the Kop stand - thanks for the input - If Morrisons is anything like our Tesco its 2 hours max and then they ticket you :) but your ground is like the good old we had and someone sold and hid all the money from - Highfield Road where you could park in the streets with no issue ! the Ricoh is a green stadium where they charge a fortune to park and the station platform is not big enough for football games - its the future not !
18:55, Tue 11 Jun
Put a leather thingy bob on your steering wheel. Beaded seat, tissue holder on the back. Park anywhere mate. Hth
18:56, Tue 11 Jun
I always park on the roads around the ground, never had a problem at all and I'd imagine your crowds will be low so shouldn't be an issue parking there.

Good luck for the season though and hopefully you can sort the issues out and move back home for next season.
19:13, Tue 11 Jun
Tie a bit of black rag to your tow bar or under your bumper, Your car will be fine and trust me wont get a parking ticket again as well
19:38, Tue 11 Jun
We park in Arthur street or failing that on the railway embankment on Bolton Road. Its free and never any issues. Also A45 is at the bottom of Bolton Road.

Good to see that no one will be sitting in my seat in the Tilton.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
19:40, Tue 11 Jun
can you get to Bolton direct on the Bolton road? Genuine question.
Parking around the ground is fine if you are used to on street parking and don't have some desperate desire to pay to use a car park

Come down the cov road and turn off before Morrisons and park on Herbert road
22:54, Tue 11 Jun
Ricoh Exile
Greetings - Coventry fan in peace here - i guess you don't really want us camping in your gaff but we will be apparently and i have a season ticket already - i think we would prefer to be in the ground that was built for us and not for a franchise Rugby team however thats another story and i guess we all hope comes to a satisfactory end asap where they depart our ground - so bear with us !

Seen some stuff about road closures -whats the crack with parking on local roads ? trains are'nt my preferred course of action but driving might be on an evening game ? any other abuse ( i have a tin hat for virtual services) advice on the ground and its environs very welcome

Yes a Vile cup home draw or even a Blues draw could be entertaining but probably knowing plod would be at 7 am on a Tuesday morning !!

We promise that you can come to the Ricoh or whatever it is renamed when we are back in Premiership championship etc you will be very welcome

Perhaps our few pennies can help your coffers and we could sponser the corner flags or something !

Evening me old mucka

I always found Digbeth good for parking, around the floodgate st. area, car blends in as there are more vehicles parked up due to factories/businesses/city centre shoppers, goes without saying avoid parking over a dropped kerb as they don’t folk about around there, seen a factory worker folk lift someone’s car from their shutter/dropped kerb before

Can’t speak for all blues fans but I’m proud of the club for helping out a neighbour in trouble ( just not them chunts/vermin from B6) there may come a time in the not too distant future we may need some help ourselves as we are struggling too

If your after places to drink, Digbeth is superb, something for everyone’s taste, or even the city centre which is with-in short walking distance.

Got fond memory’s of Coventry, hope you get back to where you belong, good luck for the coming season
23:09, Tue 11 Jun
I can imagine that its not an ideal situation for Coventry City fans and I would be proper pi55ed off if it happened to us.
But it is better than the alternative so I hope that you enjoy your tenure at Stans and that your season is successful.
Good luck and welcome.😉👍
23:34, Tue 11 Jun
They obviously haven't heard about the gypsy curse, and they think that things are bad now!!!
09:11, Wed 12 Jun
That poor old bloke, with the God Is Love sign by the old bus garage, is going to have to work overtime with Coventry playing there now as well.
So only the main part of the Kop will be open and I'm guessing a couple of blocks in the Gil Merrick for away fans.

I reckon this might bring a few more away fans than usual as they generally like a better ground.

Leyton Orient saw a rise in away fans at their place as most non-league grounds are glorified sheds.