14:55, Thu 20 Jun
I know Tattum is just following orders, but surely, even he must go at some point go "look Dong, you really sure about this?".

"Core values" - its absolute twaddle.

We're Blues - that's all you need to say.

I'm expecting Dong to change our club anthem next to something more fitting with his vision - "If I Ruled The World" perhaps.

It doesn't matter if Dong agrees with it or not ,,, he may well not .... but if his boss is demanding it then he has to pass it on doesn't he ? (for all we know he could have tried to convince his boss otherwise himself)
15:04, Thu 20 Jun
I'm going on what I've seen, read and experienced of Dong's prowess so far, and I reckon it's 100% him but yes, with the full backing of his boss.
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16:27, Thu 20 Jun
That's a GPWM,when everyone was baying for Brady's blood Tom Ross would often point to those above.

Probably just carrying out orders barked from afar by people with little or no understanding about the Blues.

We've all got a Gaffer.
16:30, Thu 20 Jun
The fact the band is still together minus the front man, makes me think perhaps there not at all unhappy with the way things were going on the pitch.