16:55, Sat 20 Jul
Can the SHA travel collective recommend any particular areas to base a 3 night stay in?

17:02, Sat 20 Jul
Vienna suites plaza de espana great location for exploring the city
17:22, Sat 20 Jul
We stayed in Hotel Via Castellana, perfect for having a little explore round the city, sat on top of a bus station and an underground station one or two stops from the Bernabeu, wasn’t overly expensive either.
18:20, Sat 20 Jul
San Bernado area, off the main tourist track but on the metro so everything accessible, some lovely bars and restaurants nearby.
18:47, Sat 20 Jul
Thanks all. Is there enough to do for 4 nights, or is 3 plenty?

Struggling to get flights for three nights.
18:55, Sat 20 Jul
Close to the plaza mayor is your best bet. Close to most tourist parts then
19:00, Sat 20 Jul
We went as football tourists so two days of our three days centred around football, the match and the stadium tour, there’s plenty of lovely places to eat and drink, and we quite enjoyed the fact we found the city very non-touristy in the sense that a lot of people didn’t speak English.
19:13, Sat 20 Jul
Fantastic city, plus a day in Toledo is a good trip. Have a browse at la Latina district, plenty a classy bars.
Not sure about areas but definitely try to get to Mercado San Miguel. Great food and cheap drink.

Have a good trip.
21:39, Sat 20 Jul
I spent three days in Madrid a few years ago.

One day in the Reina Sofia.

One day in the Prado.

And one day in the Thyssen.

So, if you like art, three days isn’t even a start for the city.
07:41, Sun 21 Jul
Thyssen, superb collection, particularly impressionist. Would visit Madrid again, if only for this
The galleries are brilliant. If it’s a nice day then a long walk around El Retiro with a couple of stops for coffee and tapas en route is superb.
Thanks for all the help everyone....but we can’t get the flights to Madrid to work for our window of opportunity.

So, we’ve switched to Venice. I’m not that keen but it’s Mrs PD’s birthday weekend so it’s only right she gets to have some say in it.

Same questions as before; we’ve found flights so looking for hotel recommendations. Mother in law has offered to pay for hotel as her present, so somewhere really nice would be ...er...nice.

I’ve got a picture of me as a three year old covered in pigeons in St Mark’s square, so I probably have some bad memories that need exorcising. Yes, it is in black and white 😔

13:07, Mon 22 Jul
Venice is beautiful, but obviously incredibly touristy. Took the Mrs for valentines weekend and It's basically just a theme park for the Chinese and people on massive cruise ships.

Take a right from the Rialto bridge to get away from the crowds and find some nice, slightly less packed bars and restaurants. Go to Burano on the water bus and if you're doing a gondola (which you should) do it at night so you don't just end up in a traffic jam on the grand canal.

Can't really help with hotels as we stayed just outside in Metrse (10 mins on the bus) it was supposed to be 4 stars but it was pretty crap tbh.

Venice is pretty small though, so I don't think you can go too wrong with what area you stay in.
13:10, Mon 22 Jul
Great titty bar called Chelsea 1 Bar

Must visit