17:08, Sun 21 Jul
Does anyone on here have any idea about when Forest tickets come out for Blues fans? They've been out for Forest fans for a few days now but heard nothing about when they come out for Blues fans.

17:14, Sun 21 Jul
I would imagine it will be this week sometime
20:16, Sun 21 Jul
Cheers mate
20:20, Sun 21 Jul
Brentford tickets will be sold out tomorrow, I think Forest will be on sale either Tuesday or Wednesday.
07:20, Mon 22 Jul
Never mind Forest - no sign of any Pompey tickets yet ...... 🙄🙄
08:35, Mon 22 Jul
Never mind Forest - no sign of any Pompey tickets yet ...... 🙄🙄

Portsmouth are awaiting their base tickets to arrive from the printers
12:24, Mon 22 Jul
There's an update regarding Brentford tickets on Twitter BCFC . 300 left I believe.
13:18, Mon 22 Jul
Yeah aren't they on sale Silver members later, will definately be sold out later on
21:06, Thu 25 Jul
I've heard that forest tickets will now be on sale next week. Waiting to know what allocation we have got
21:22, Thu 25 Jul
It'll be 2k or thereabouts like it always is.