Sure looks like double standards. Clubs might sue the league or else ignore FFP rules depending on the precedent set here
17:37, Thu 8 Aug
It ain't the EFL's fault this one, but the fault of some loon an whichever Judge granted this order.
17:57, Thu 8 Aug
Then the EFL should stand up to the courts.

Bassini was given numerous chances to prove to them he had the funds and failed every time.
18:12, Thu 8 Aug
Clubs should not be starting a season in a situation like this
18:21, Thu 8 Aug
Bassini has slapped an injunction to stop the sale of Bolton.

Coventry have tweeted their own fans no tickets on sale this evening.

Can't see the game going ahead at such short notice. Mind, further down the pyramid they can sort this out
I have to say, based on what is available in public about Bassini and his bid, that the decision to grant an injunction is an utter joke.

I would be interested to see if anyone has lied to the court in order to get it. Because these things are normally given ex parte with a full hearing in the following week - and Bassini would have had to a) give an undertaking to pay damages and b) demonstrate that he had "clean hands".
18:25, Thu 8 Aug
Meanwhile their fans are being given the runaround and still paying out;

Former ST holder like many others robbed dad from my Acc for last home game and then £24 for the first game... Where does this money go FV donโ€™t own the club meaning goes to creditors & Anderson being one of them ... Iโ€™d sooner not go than to feed that fat arse again...
Although Bury FC situation is dire with a crank trying to act as a chairman. The time has come for 92 to become 91 clubs as carrying on this circus undermines all teams. Jesus we were docked 9 points by the EFL how many points will Bury be docked if the escape the 23rd of August deadline. maybe an additional say 9 points then that means they start with a minus 21? which is relegation anyway.
15:24, Tue 13 Aug
How does it undermine all teams?
19:22, Tue 13 Aug
Can't we get our 9 points back they'd be more useful this year ๐Ÿ˜
16:51, Thu 15 Aug
Bury have 5th game suspended this afternoon and the EFL will decide early next week if Bury. 125 league membership will come to an end.
18:19, Thu 15 Aug
I don't know what Steve Dale bloke is hoping to gain by keeping hold of the club
18:21, Thu 15 Aug
Gutted for the Bury fans.
18:28, Thu 15 Aug
Sincerely hope somehow they survive.
Worked with a female Bury fan years ago who insisted " It's pronounced Burry not Berry "
Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !
18:28, Thu 15 Aug
I'm not sure he has a penny as such to do anything, knows little about howe football works and he's just played the long game hoping someone will pay him over the odds. When the reality is no-one will
18:45, Thu 15 Aug
I don't know what Steve Dale bloke is hoping to gain by keeping hold of the club

Here's a statement from the lawyer representing presumably the owner on 3rd August.

"The lawyer working with the Club has sent the following statement after the EFL's decision last night:

It was very disappointing to have been informed by The English Football League (EFL) late yesterday evening, that they have postponed Bury Football Clubโ€™s fixture with Accrington Stanley. This decision was made despite providing them with the proof of funding documentation, agreeing with The PFA on footballer debt and having already satisfied the safety requirements for the stadium two weeks ago.

We had the weekend to resolve any issues before the EFL cancelled the Accrington Stanley game. As of today, we still have not received those questions and we are waiting for the EFL to provide them in order that the club can respond. This would then allow Bury Football Club to start the season. The actions from the EFL are causing immeasurable damage to Bury Football Club.


Chris Farnell,

Lawyer to Bury Football Club,

Senior Partner,

IPS Law. "

Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !