14:16, Mon 12 Aug
wannabee bailey
If he's still without a club at the end of September, he may look at us.

Pay as you play, maybe.

£5k a week when he's in the matchday squad.
Extra £2k if he gets on the pitch.
£10k a week for 21+ appearances.
That's the same deal that we offered Ernie Bickerdyke and he turned us down
14:24, Mon 12 Aug
Bickerdyke would have been great. Sturridge "must" be worse than Michael Morrison as at least MM found a club who wanted him 😂
15:49, Mon 12 Aug
I heard the only reason Bickerdyke didnt sign was he couldnt find a house his Mrs liked 🤔
16:57, Mon 12 Aug
Is Ernie Bickerdyke the same Bickerdyke that played for Barnstoneworth United ?
23:06, Mon 12 Aug
We're not even mentioned 🙄

02:30, Tue 13 Aug
We're not even mentioned 🙄


Of course we aren’t
05:49, Tue 13 Aug
Some actually believe Sturridge would come to Blues this season?

Feckin wow 😁
06:03, Tue 13 Aug
That’s what I think but I also don’t want him. Too injury prone & he hardly made a great impression at the baggies. The challenge isn’t rewarding enough for him financially or competition wise so he might as well look for cash abroad.
06:46, Wed 14 Aug

Simon Jordan (who I know divides opinion on here) has given his opinion on the matter.
07:41, Wed 14 Aug
Reading that, it'd be good if we signed him, just so we could see if a combo of Birmingham City and Sturridge would make Jordan collapse in on himself like some sort of perma-tanned supernova.
Can I have a Bronx hat for the babbie, please Tom?
07:47, Wed 14 Aug
It'd be even funnier if Palace signed him, he banged in 20 goals this season and Roy Hodgson said he has the best attitude of any player he has ever coached.

It would show up Jordan for the clueless and petty tart he is.

Failing that I hope Sturridge brings a defamation/slander case against Jordan.
08:12, Wed 14 Aug
The thing is though, Jordan is probably right
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
08:40, Wed 14 Aug
Some of the examples he uses are a bit crap tbh

He played for Bolton because he was a young kid and wanted experience, it was a loan, he did very very well there

He left Man City and Chelsea to try and get more football, nothing wrong with that, and I'm not aware of any disciplinary issues in his career up until this betting stuff.

He scored at the World Cup, he scored the winner against Wales in the Euros.
08:43, Wed 14 Aug
I wouldn't have said that Jordan divides opinion, I thought pretty much everyone was in agreement that he's a prick? I've never really heard / read anyone say otherwise.

It may be he says something one person or another agrees with at some point, he's still a birrovaprick though.
08:49, Wed 14 Aug
He's got a reputation for going sick if he breaks a toenail, but there have been a few who have earned the 'sicknote' label, sometimes not entirely fairly.

I'd take a chance on him, but he can get £60k a week in China or the US so he won't come here for £20k. That doesn't make him a bad person. I think I'd do the same.

Simon Jordan = irrelevant nob.