08:15, Mon 5 Aug
Any idea when details are coming out?

Also, if anyone can't make it and has a client ref PM me please? Need an extra one.
08:26, Mon 5 Aug
Will be news on them today
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
09:01, Mon 5 Aug
Got to be announced today, supposed to be last week.
09:05, Mon 5 Aug
unusually late bet it's forest messed up or undecided what allocation to give us

give us 10k

anyroad they'll be 27 quid in bridgford lower
09:17, Mon 5 Aug
I heard the hold up was about the allocation.
09:21, Mon 5 Aug
Giving us more than usual?
09:34, Mon 5 Aug
I'm not sure but I heard last week it's to do with allocation so possibly we could be getting more. Think we normally get about 2000.
11:55, Mon 5 Aug
Ticket office told me today later this week, the game is next Saturday so I can just see this going tits up with tickets not being delivered on time
13:20, Mon 5 Aug
pay on the gate?
13:26, Mon 5 Aug
Yeah you just know there will be problems! Really don't get why they werent on sale 2 weeks ago.
15:30, Mon 5 Aug
The ticket office told me that all away tickets will be on sale between 3-4 weeks before a fixture so they’re full of shit, when you ask a question they’re not transparent enough, they just say “keep an eye on bcfc.com”

Can’t wait to kick off with them when my ticket doesn’t arrive in time for the fixture, useless
15:37, Mon 5 Aug
I have 2 gold ref and 1 silver spare Kro
15:38, Mon 5 Aug
Hi Blue, Could you DM me a gold ref please?
15:44, Mon 5 Aug
That's all I've heard and been told the hold up is due to the allocation we are getting. That doesn't account for putting tickets on sale about 10 days before the game!
15:46, Mon 5 Aug
Is it to do with a smaller allocation or bigger? I can’t see us getting any more than 2000 which is what they usually give away supporters