19:33, Mon 12 Aug
I Listen to ken Bruce radio 2 in the day he is a little boring a lot of the time but I do like the “tracks of my years” slot where someone famous picks there favourite 10 tracks throughout the weeks which got me thinking what was mine and the reasons for it....

1..Terry jacks,seasons in the sun 1973ish one of the first songs I remember for some reason as a 4 year old
2..Queen bohemian rhapsody 1973/4ish again remember watching it on the box Trying to understand what it was all about
3..Slade cum and feel the noize you can’t go wrong with a bit of glamrock
4.sex pistols,bodies (she was a girl from Birmingham) reasons for this our older bro was a punk so that’s where I picked up a lot of my taste as I got older
5..the jam pretty green,reasons used to watch that bingley hall gig they did on video back in the early 80s
6..David Bowie space oddity, it’s how i discovered Bowie listening to my uncles tapes when we used to visit our nans back in the day up the kingshurst and playing football on yorkswood school playing fields...
7..pet shop boys west end girls always reminds me of starting to follow blues away down London for the first time watching the elders and all the clobber they had on learning and picking it up...great 80s tune though.
8..bronski beat smalltown boy still a great tune today jimmy was an actual pioneer if you think about it when that was released,I bought the album the age of consent when it came out and if you admitted it your mates thought you where gay lol....
9.duran Duran planet earth loved a bit of new romantic
10.faithless insomnia,always think of the back room at bobby browns in town where everyone was just off it when that came on plus it was a very happy hunting ground for me with the ladies....

These are the songs that mean something and nothing to do with the bands I’m particularly into like the smiths the jam stone roses oasis blur etc etc...

What are the songs that mean something to you..
20:07, Mon 12 Aug
Not a bad list that.
Just a couple of points , You probably remember " Seasons in the sun " from the Blues Version "Joy we had fun we had Villa on the run,but the joy didn't last 'cus the bastards were too fast"
Also Bohemian Rhapsody was actually 1975 and the Slade song was called "Cum on feel the noize"
20:11, Mon 12 Aug
Not a bad list that.
Just a couple of points , You probably remember " Seasons in the sun " from the Blues Version "Joy we had fun we had Villa on the run,but the joy didn't last 'cus the bastards were too fast"

Regards, Mick
20:32, Mon 12 Aug
Certain songs remind me of specific matches the one unbearable song is bye bye baby, those there will know.
21:00, Mon 12 Aug
Good list that. Here are 10 songs that aren't necessarily favourites but remind me of certain times and places.

1. 10CC...The Things We Do For Love. Sat in my sister's bedroom in 1977 hearing that on her transistor reading her dumb Jackie comics.

2. Ghost Town...The Specials. A group of us got into trouble for bunking off a trip to the Museum and Art Gallery at the height of the 81 riots when this was number 1.

3. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me...Culture Club. The 1982 Top of the Pops debut appearance that got abaolutely everyone at school talking.

4 Wham...Club Tropicana...classic they used to play in that dodgy club under the old ATV centre.

5. Four Flights Up.. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. Classic wistful track from 80s student faves from their 84 album Rattlesnakes. Used to listen to that being a fanny eating toasted crumpets in my student bedroom.

6. The Farm...All Together Now...the rise of Labour who used it a lot in the early 90s. Reminds me of the fall of Thatcher after all those years.

7. Supergrass....Alright..Britpop classic to liven up 1995.

8. Killin Kind...Shelby Lynne...was on the Bridget Jones movie I watched loads in 2001 with my missis to be.

9. James Blunt...1973....used to fall asleep with this on the then new Spotify in 2009 after putting my toddlers to bed and being absolutely knackered, zonking out with crisps and wine.

10. She had the World...Panic! At the Disco...lovely tune my kids used to play in the car on snowy wintee trips to Germany.

Am sure there are others but that's me.
21:13, Mon 12 Aug
some good songs there mate especially the first 5...cheers for taking part..
love a bit of Lloyd cole
21:54, Mon 12 Aug
Smalltown Boy is a great track as you say. And yeah Lloyd Cole...in his time he was the bee's knees.
23:11, Mon 12 Aug
caravan of love,by the hulls.
number one,gregory isaacs,because hes the number 1 reggae singer,the cool ruler.
headlines,chris farlowe.
hold back the night,graham parker.
you broke up with me,walker hayes.
splitscreen sadness,john mayer.
home thoughts from abroard,clifford t ward.
the winckleman,judge dread.
mink deville,spanish stroll.
abdul and cleopatra,jonathan richman.
my friends over you,new found glory.
toxicity,system of a down.
spent the day in bed,morrissey.
universal soldier,donovan.
keep right on to the end of the road,sir harry lauder.
smile for me jamaica,chronixx.
seasons,future islands.
amanda,don williams.
stay positive,the hold steady.
my girl,the temptations.
im alone lord,meddy ranks.
on my shoulder,mr vegas.
pretty fly,the offspring.
all my best friends are metalheads,less than jacke.
12:05, Tue 13 Aug
Kind of similar to Desert Island Discs in reality.

Be a tough one for me but my 10 would be

Mr Blue Sky - ELO
Dont Look Back in Anger - Oasis
Cloudy Room - The Twang
More than a Feeling - Boston
Fix You - Coldplay
Africa - Toto
Hotel California - The Eagles
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Kingston Town - UB40
Bed and Breakfast Man - Madness
18:03, Tue 13 Aug
Tiger feet - first proper song I remember (or pinky and perky)

Superstition - from only 1 of 2 LP’s my folks had

Pretty vacant - sneaked into youth club when folks worked there, wow

Too much too young - song of our time

Animal House / Electric Avenue / kiss me - mackadown, another wow

Break my stride - stood on Kop, nobody there

Fools gold - my type of music

Don’t look back in anger - Arden oak happy times

Amarillo - fun

She’s Royal - tuuuuuunne
Sex Pistols 'Bodies' great song, as was 'No Feeling', 'Holidays in the Sun' etc etc....
19:19, Tue 13 Aug
Been listening to the Spiritualized Peel sessions today and a few of the similar stuff the search brings up.
19:55, Tue 13 Aug
My top tan faves are I think all associated with some special time in my life rather than just good songs! So will have to put some thought into this!
But Kro deffo features large!
My favourite song is

You put your green shirt on, your blue shorts on, your football socks, your football boots and then you're number 1. You do the Ian Bennett and you turn around. That's what its all about.
Wohhh ian Bennett....

I will try and think of the other 9 once I have stopped singing this.
As a fellow old spud, I also listen to Ken Bruce my top ten
1/ Oh blah dee, oh blah doh very early memory singing that walking to the shops with my mom
2/ milk & alcohol Dr Feelgood, one of the first records I bought
3/roll out the barrel (sotv) that boxing day 3 nil win
4/ 1 in 10 ub40 captured a moment
5/ Iggy Pop The passenger (my tune ho make love to)
6/ salt'n'pepa , stop push it, idyllic days in Birkenhead with my naughty nurse.
7/ smiths , what difference does it make, happy 80's days
8/ Shannon let the music play, the boys dance tune
9/Side Vicious, My way, loved Sid, sids not guilty
10/meteors, wreckin crew, psycho billy heaven.