My favourite song is

You put your green shirt on, your blue shorts on, your football socks, your football boots and then you're number 1. You do the Ian Bennett and you turn around. That's what its all about.
Wohhh ian Bennett....

I will try and think of the other 9 once I have stopped singing this.
08:43, Wed 14 Aug
Yep been a favourite slot for a number of years now the old 'tracks of my years' ......

Here goes for a random top 10 ...

1. Guinevere - CSN ... Sublime harmonies

2. Nick Drake - River Man ... Bliss & as for his sister 😎
3. Simon & Garfunkel - Frank Lloyd Wright ... Viewed a documentary recently about FLW & finally understood what all the fuss was about.
4. Joni Mitchell - Cotton Avenue ... Again the harmonies & a fantastic bass line in this ditty ...
5. Steely Dan - Aja ... Steve Gadd at his very best.
6. Joe Jackson - Nineteen forever .. We all wish !!
7. Eddie Kendricks - Keep on truckin ... Could have picked a list full of soul music from the late 60's to mid 70's as it was a magnificent period for that genre, but I went for this as it was also a ringtone to Denel Washingtons character in the film Roman J Israel esq.
8. Gil Scott Heron - B movie ... A truly outstanding summary of Americana at the time of writing.
9. Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Razzle in my pocket ... In the days when 'porn' was a copy of H&E.
10. Van Morrison - In the days before Rock & roll... Just so bloody good.

It'll probably change again in half an hour .....
21:07, Wed 14 Aug
Songs that mean something to me.... and in no particular order I also add.

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
Kulashaker - Tattva
Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums
Rush - Ghost Of A Chance
The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
Abba - Fernando
Level 42 - Leaving Me Now
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Simon And Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Don't ask - yes I have a pretty wide taste in Music, basically all of these tunes apply to things I was doing when they either came out, or I became familiar with them when I was doing stuff. Some involve a break-up which hit me hard at the time. Some remind me of better times, work, or social stuff. Some stick in the mind from when I was a kid. But christ, this list could have 5 times as many tunes in it.
02:49, Thu 15 Aug
Good thread this: certainly got me thinking about which songs/albums resonate through the years for me

In no particular order
Ultravox Vienna: first album I bought
Madonna Ray of Light: road trip to the South of France for World Cup ‘96 in an opentop MX5
Coldplay ARush of Blood: campervan trip around NZ
Shakira Laundry Service: overland trip to South America
Phoenix Legend Above the Moon: lived in China for a spell
ELO Mr Blue Sky: watching the Cup win in a pub in Portland Oregon
Colonel Abrams Trapped: Leeds Poly Boo where I was a student
U2 Joshua Tree : year out studying in Germany
Spandau Ballet True : last opportunity for a snog at various discos & parties in my formative years
Tina Charles I love to love: a favourite of my old Mum