16:42, Tue 13 Aug
Same. I write left handed, play all sports right handed but play football left footed.
17:10, Tue 13 Aug
When invigilating a maths exam (one of the most tedious parts of teaching in my day) I noticed that there were above 50% of the kids in the top group who were left handed, so well above the proportion you would expect. I think that the right side of the brain has more control over logical thought so favours the left hand, the left brain over more spontaneous activities. I am right handed but can draw fairly well with either hand, and both hands at once when I am into releasing some sort of freedom.
My left eye is dominant so in snooker cue with my chin tucked over. In cricket, tennis or golf I might just as well be left handed as I am crap with my right.
17:50, Tue 13 Aug
Predominantly right handed but play snooker left handed and when I tried archery I was much better left handed. Think it’s because my right eye is rubbish. Left footed at football.