15:05, Tue 10 Sep
Well exactly - I'm not saying there's anyone better, it's just he's reminiscent of about 445 county spinners from the 80's and 90's.

He's probably the bets option though, ergo he's in that team I posited.
15:09, Tue 10 Sep
Leach is the top English spinner past few seasons followed by Dom Bess. Some could rightly argue Taunton has been spin assisted.

I think a heck of a lot (Root's captaincy, which format takes priority etc) will all depend on who the new coach is. Whoever gets it will still have a poisoned chalice initially with The Hundred saga dominating next summer
15:19, Tue 10 Sep
Taunton has turned square for a couple of years. Maharaj has got five there today.

Meanwhile, the future ‘England’ off spinner is the only one taking wickets at Edgbaston.
15:19, Tue 10 Sep
Is there a cricket fan on earth looking forward to the hundred?
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
15:23, Tue 10 Sep
I really don’t get it. Crowds were pretty good at ‘the blast’ this summer anyway, There’s absolutely no reason for the ECB to introduce the 100, especially as a pathetic attempt to steal some of the economic dominance of India and the IPL.

India is producing some decent test batters mind.
15:31, Tue 10 Sep
Not as far as I know. Could have made the Blast shorter, snazier, played around Test Matches in the school holidays so more internationals could play and everyone's a winner IMO. Instead we have this year's Finals Day probably being played with fans in coats and hats and who knows how much spent on The Hundred in what seems an increasingly desperate attempt by the ECB not to fall flat on their faces.
10:26, Wed 11 Sep
Trevor Bayliss just said C`mon Jason (ROY) this is your time to shine!
Fingers crossed, after all Roy Buttler & Bairstow all owe England big style this series!