14:10, Mon 9 Sep
So you wouldn't look at Pope/Sibley/Foakes even after the Ashes? Apologies if I've misunderstood but if not that's crazy.
14:18, Mon 9 Sep
Pope, Sibley, Foakes and Curran will all tour this winter, lets hope a couple of them prove themselves
Just saw that Joe Denley made his odi debut ten yrs ago!
My word shows there is a paucity around when he comes in aged 33!

14:20, Mon 9 Sep
I'd bring those 3 on tour, but I'd go with the team I posted.
14:23, Mon 9 Sep
No I wouldn't use the Oval to look at them, if that was the question btw.

We can't take the urn, but there is a series to draw here. I'm not a fan of chucking players in for the last test of the year to take a look. Even doing that gives it a 'last week of school term' feel, which isn't good enough for an ashes test and actually probably doesn't give you a true picture of what these guys might be able to do.

We've seen a bit of Foakes already anyway. He looked good, but this aussie attack was a cut above what he faced and got runs against.
14:23, Mon 9 Sep
That's the Bairstow, who is averaging 20.57 this year and 26.38 since 2018 ?

Yeah, but he used to be good like 3 or 4 years ago or something, so obviously he should stay instead of the kid who got a century on debut away in Sri Lanka.
Dong Ren Out.
14:28, Mon 9 Sep
If that's the team we're starting with going forward then god help us as we clearly haven't learned anything from this series.
14:29, Mon 9 Sep
What would have been your team ?
14:32, Mon 9 Sep
I wouldn't have changed it tbf either. Maybe Curran for Overton on his home turf, but I would say to them (especially your Roys, Bairstows and Denlys) that this is last chance saloon to cement your spots for the winter, go out and show us what you can do.
Dong Ren Out.
14:34, Mon 9 Sep
I'd have cut 2 or 3 of:


And given the players the selectors think are knocking on the door a chance.

Shows the prior 4 that they arent shoe ins for New Zealand. And shows players that are performing well in the championship have a chance to play in tests.

I'd also make sure sam curran is playing.

The intellectual saviour of the masses.
14:39, Mon 9 Sep

Is what I'd go with. Would like to see Stone in too when he's fully fit.

Ridiculous to not make any changes after the Ashes IMO. What message does that send to the lads doing well in the county game?
I only realised yesterday Woakes wasn't injured (we were on holiday earlier in the week). Why wouldn't you pick him? He's bowled pretty well and averaged more than Bairstow, Roy and Buttler with the bat. As you say, you could afford to lose one of them to make way for an extra bowler based on those stats.
14:43, Mon 9 Sep
It’s ‘shoo’ for the millionth time.

There aren’t really any batsmen truly knocking on the door, just some who might be worth a try. As for the Bairstow criticism - short memories and football like intolerance of loss of form. He has a poor last 12 months or so. Before that, he was considered as england’s Second best and challenging Root as the best.

Ok - if his form continues like this it has to change, but spare us the bits about he’s only in because he’s Root’s pal.
Last I heard Woakes had dodgy knees, so he's not injured but he can't bowl like he does all summer with them.
14:45, Mon 9 Sep
Keeping Denly but dropping Bairstow and Roy? Very forward looking.
Last I heard Woakes had dodgy knees, so he's not injured but he can't bowl like he does all summer with them.

What I read was some guff about Overton being better on the Old Trafford surface. Easy in hindsight but it didn't really turn out like that. And now not picking him for the Oval either.

EDIT. to be fair, he is in the squad announced, so he might yet play.