17:11, Sat 5 Oct
There's a few cricket buffs on here so what's the view on The 100?

I'm relatively new to the new formats of limited overs cricket after a long absence but I'm totally into it now. However the shirts that look like fruit salad wrappers with an upside down old Wolves badge with a crap unhealthy sponsor on the front isn't doing it any favours plus asking supporters from Worcestershire to support a team named Birmingham Phoenix can't be right? My local team is Trent Rockets who'll be playing at Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, can't see anyone outside of Nottingham giving that much thought. I'll give it a go but will it be an expensive flop?

Meanwhile I've got a ticket for day 2 of the Windies tour at Edgbaston which I'm absolutely buzzing for as a first try at a tour match.
17:37, Sat 5 Oct
Warwickshire has always been the team of choice for majority of blues fans, I’ve been at lords when they have sung Kro & sotv Is sung regularly in T20 games.
Sponsor choice is simply weired!
Did we need a new concept? No I don’t think we did, but let’s see how it goes.

18:15, Sat 5 Oct
not a big fan, dont see why its needed
18:26, Sat 5 Oct
White ball cricket aint cricket imo. This 100 stuff really takes the piss.
Dong Ren Out.
18:27, Sat 5 Oct
Don't need another competition, it's all about the money
18:38, Sat 5 Oct
I don’t get why they don’t just stick with the T20 Blast and promote it well. Bears vs. Pears is the best fixture in that and the city format looses that.

I always find cricket funny - for such a ‘traditional’ game it’s constantly trying to reinvent itself.
18:44, Sat 5 Oct
If people can't even last the duartion a T20 then they shouldn't be watching Cricket.
19:20, Sat 5 Oct
Still praying that come April 1st next year Giles Clarke or whoever jumps out of a giant cake in the middle of Lord's and shouts SURPRISE!!!
20:25, Sat 5 Oct
The criticisms of this are much the same as the criticisms made about T20. I think most people now accept T20 is a marvellous spectacle and the numbers who turn up to watch back this up.

What I do think though is there comes a point when the things we love about cricket-runs, wickets and catches start to lose their context.

We all want to see attacking football, we all love goals so perhaps we should have biger goals. Don't let players pass backwards.

I don't think we should stick to something just because of tradition but if there is only the 'best bits' you no longer have best bits. Or at least the best bits will have to be something that isn't currently cricket or football.
09:17, Sun 6 Oct
The calendar April to late September is a little 'cramped' at best, the introduction of yet another limited ball 'thrash' will do the game very little favours.

Two Somerset lads I know were 'wasping' about how the money obsessed ECB this year had 'robbed' them (Somerset) of winning their first county championship in their history, two early county games in April (both won btw) - 'that's not the point though, there could have been snow still on the ground' ... Then in the middle of April, you're straight into the Royal London one day competition, until the middle of May, then they squeeze two county games in, (which Somerset won btw), then, six county games until the middle of July, virtually back to back, & then the ruddy T20 kicks in until the middle of August, if you make it through that, you have the day out at Edgbaston, then you're left with the final two county games in the middle of September when it could be hissing down.

I won't bore you with their ramblings about 'that' Jack Leach being called up during the Ashes.

Nor the fact that Essex dicked them twice in the county games & as much as it grieves me to say it, were worthy county champions.
09:29, Sun 6 Oct
Don't think we need it. Cut The Blast down to 10 decent sides, cut out loads of shite games
What did the Knights in White satin?
09:31, Sun 6 Oct
Can't be arsed. There should not be the 100 and Twenty 20. Give me Test cricket throughout July and August anytime.
09:32, Sun 6 Oct
If people can't even last the duartion a T20 then they shouldn't be watching Cricket.

11:14, Sun 6 Oct
Maybe this could have been the chance to bring the worlds best over to play but they're not. No need for it in my opinion.
11:35, Sun 6 Oct
It's because the T20 is owned by the counties, whereas the 100 is owned by the ECB. Follow the money!

I would not be surprised if they are going to see how popular this is, and if it goes well, use it as an excuse to cut the number of counties in the red Ball game.
Old MacDonald had a farm. EU, EU... Oh.