13:32, Sun 6 Oct
Don't think we need it. Cut The Blast down to 10 decent sides, cut out loads of shite games

Agreed. Some sort or revamp of the T20 Blast would have been preferable. I think the draft system for picking the teams is a good idea but I really don’t like the 100 balls thing though.
15:43, Sun 6 Oct
Same I think the cities split and the draft idea are quite good.

Don’t see the point in the hundred rather than just T20 though.
15:49, Sun 6 Oct
Exactly my point I do hope they simply revert to T20

They say it is to shorten it so it can fit in straight after Emmerdale or the One Show and be all over before News at Ten

My guess is they want to patent it so that this time if India try to copy it the ECB will profit

I think the ECB missed a trick 15 years ago with T20 in that regard

(Also to sidestep / get around the counties who were mostly against franchises e.g. Surrey)
16:08, Sun 6 Oct
Exactly my point I do hope they simply revert to T20

(Also to sidestep / get around the counties who were mostly against franchises e.g. Surrey)

One will eventually kill the other I suspect. Either t20 will adapt to the similar to what the IPL is or the 100 will finish it off, the two are too similar to coexist IMO.

I've got a suspicion that the 100 will be strikingly popular.

Franchises is the way forward if the Blast is to survive and there's not really much reason again why London couldn't have 2 teams. Bollocks to counties like Kent.
16:35, Sun 6 Oct
Yeah I agree the short form should be very alternative to the long form that I prefer. County cricket is stuffy and in the big scheme pretty unpopular. There is under representation in it anyway. The east, most of the Southwest, north of Birmingham all without county teams. Time to spice it up and keep the counties for the long form.
16:41, Sun 6 Oct
Franchises is the way forward if the Blast is to survive and there's not really much reason again why London couldn't have 2 teams. Bollocks to counties like Kent.

London could have 3 or 4 teams. It has the population to fill 25-30k twice a week for games of short form cricket. As important a factor is the connectivity of London virtually 24 hours a day. A legacy of Ken Livingstone's investment. No other city in the UK has that. Manchester perhaps and Nottingham to a limited extent. Birmingham is piss poor in terms of connectivity. Warwickshire and it has to be said even Blues suffer as a result of this poor connectivity.
16:52, Sun 6 Oct
In many ways the 100 is almost a parody of a marketing man's version of cricket.

Daft names - very, very sub NFL, pointlessly garish kits, nicking ideas like the draft from NFL etc etc

But whilst its not for me, I can see the attraction : short-term, dynamic, fun to watch on summer evenings with a couple of beers and a barbie (no, not that kind)

A souped-up version of in club cricket what we used to call a beer match.

But what I really dislike is what it is doing to the long form of the game - forcing 4 day matches to April/May and September.

I don't see why you can't have
Monday off
Tue-Fri 4 day game
Sat and/or Sun night = T20/100

And just run that cycle (or similar) through most of the summer.

There were some amazing games in 4-day cricket...just in Sept, I think Kyle Abbott delivered the 3rd best bowling analysis in the history of the first class game, Darren Stevens (?) achieved a feat (double hundred, hundred and 5 wickets in an innings if memory serves) last achieved by WG Grace, and the title game itself went down to an hour from the end of the season - after 6 months' of games. Yet the ECB seem embarrassed by the red ball county game - which leads to accusations of it all being about the money.

We need both - but we need to be fair to both.
21:48, Sun 6 Oct
Next England and coach looks like it could be:

11:12, Mon 7 Oct
Next England and coach looks like it could be:


Yes well pleased! Good man making the decisions (Giles) and like his choice (silverwood)

C`mon England!

15:43, Mon 7 Oct
Warwickshire has always been the team of choice for majority of blues fans, I’ve been at lords when they have sung Kro & sotv Is sung regularly in T20 games.
Sponsor choice is simply weired!
Did we need a new concept? No I don’t think we did, but let’s see how it goes.


Unpopular opinion- blues nonsense at the cricket is rubbish. Its the cricket, and a day off from all of that. I instantly ignore anyone who gets on about Woakes (and IRB back in the day) about villa.
17:08, Mon 7 Oct
Micky Darrell
The criticisms of this are much the same as the criticisms made about T20. I think most people now accept T20 is a marvellous spectacle and the numbers who turn up to watch back this up.

What I do think though is there comes a point when the things we love about cricket-runs, wickets and catches start to lose their context.

We all want to see attacking football, we all love goals so perhaps we should have biger goals. Don't let players pass backwards.

I don't think we should stick to something just because of tradition but if there is only the 'best bits' you no longer have best bits. Or at least the best bits will have to be something that isn't currently cricket or football.

Sorry I disagree mate. Although there was some resistance to the T20, it was no where as vociferous as it has been for the 100. This has NOTHING to promoting cricket and all about money.

We have just had the best 50 over WC competition, not just because we won it by the way. So what do the ECB do? Ditch the club 50 competition.

They have changed what an over looks like - in no way does that match any other competition anywhere else. If this is supposed to attract new people, it is a very strange way of doing so.

Then the next thing, bearing in mind supporters have emotional attachments to their sides - creating new teams for large areas and therefore alienating large areas of fans - shows the ECB have completely lost touch with supporters.

Then of course in a day where we are trying to encourage youngsters to eat healthier, they have crisp / snacks as sponsors. They have completely lost the plot and I hope it is a massive failure. This is NOT the way to preserve cricket for the future.

(I'm not a fan by the way in case you hadn't picked it up).
18:49, Mon 7 Oct
I think you’re right about there being more opposition this time..

To say it’s all about making money is true but that is what professional sport is all about.
I’d like to change that too, but that’s another matter.

I also agree about the one-day game. If I had to choose one format it would be this one.

I’m not sure where you’re going with the fans thing. Should it be towns and cities or counties? I don’t know if Birmingham bears attracted more people than if it had been Warwickshire bears.

We should put pressure on the counties to make demands on the ECB around suitable sponsors. It’s the counties that supply the national team.

Perhaps we could all threaten to stay away from the four-day game😎
19:57, Mon 7 Oct
I suppose the most glaring example of the sport doing it for the money rather than growing the game is not having it on free to air television.
20:43, Mon 7 Oct
I'm a bit drunk so may be missing your point. Won't this see some of the first free to air domestic cricket for ages?
The problem with the T20 Blast is that for TV purposes there are too many teams.

If you look at other big T20 leagues such as the IPL, Big Bash and even the CPL they all have limited number of teams 6/8ish which means that every match can be shown live on TV with no clashes.

That means that clubs can easily attract all the top global players because the TV rights per club and per match are way higher than the T20 blast where 80% or more matches are not shown on TV.

Friday nights where there might be 8 or 9 matches being played simultaneously don't generate anywhere near the same average revenue per game as the other competitions as only 1 can be televised.

We've had situations such as Chris Gayle smashing something like 150 off 60 balls at Taunton witnessed only by 5,000 or so in the ground. That situation could never happen in any of the other global T20 leagues and is what the 100 is trying to avoid.

I'm no fan of it but it is getting increasingly difficult to see what the solution is. County T20 does not attract sufficient world class talent primarily because it is not affordable with limited TV coverage.