15:58, Thu 7 Nov
The squad is the biggest it's been for a few seasons (not always a good thing), do we think there's much of a future for the likes of Davis, Kieftenbeld and Maghoma? Stockdale, Grounds and Keita will obviously go this summer.

Even Gary Gardner has probably slipped down places in the midfield pecking order.

Interesting times ahead for more of the long-term players.
Dong Ren Out.
16:06, Thu 7 Nov
The midfield is very very strong, the rest of the squad not so much. We need to find a way to better balance the squad but I just don't see anyone being interested in a lot of our fringe players for the money they're on.

Only person I could probably see leaving soon is Keift going back to Holland once he's back fit.
16:10, Thu 7 Nov

^ These are the ones we could probably get rid of and not feel an effect. GG is still a good option on the bench and as much as I love Kieft, I can't see him beating Sunjic to the pitch.

Then we would need to bring in

1 Keeper
1 decent centre half
1 very decent striker

Then we have positions covered on all bases with decent back ups.
16:14, Thu 7 Nov
I reckon Davis will be heading to Milwall come January...
16:18, Thu 7 Nov
Out of the expiring contracts Craig G, Keita, Grounds, Stockdale & Camp are all guaranteed to be released (with Gardner staying as a coach most likely).

I'd say we will take up the year option on Mrabti's deal, Mags will be offered a one year extension and Harding will probably be offered a new contract.

Is Kief expiring at the end of this season or next? If he comes back at the same level then I'd like to keep him.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
16:20, Thu 7 Nov
Harding has still got a few years I think, signed a new contract last year.

I'd keep Mrabti too
I agree, although I'd happily keep Keif around just because he always gives everything and has been a good servant. Mags is probably ready to go in the summer but we'd need to bring in two more wide players.

Can't wait to shift Stockdale and although I like Camp, it really is time for him to be no2.

TBH, I'm not particularly enamoured with Dean. If we got better I wouldn't lose sleep over him.
16:23, Thu 7 Nov
I'd forgotten Rowett is at Milwall now, him coming in for Digga is a very good shout actually.
16:25, Thu 7 Nov
So he had, my bad.

Looking at the list of expiring contracts it makes for good reading seeing the likes of Colin & Sunjic tied down to lengthy deals.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
16:28, Thu 7 Nov
I'd forgotten Rowett is at Milwall now, him coming in for Digga is a very good shout actually.

he would probably prefer Kief - would have signed him for derby if not for some missed signature or whatever the issus was.
16:34, Thu 7 Nov
looks like we will free up a fair bit of wages with all those senior players coming to the end of their contracts esp' with Stocky and craigs contracts.

£100k per week between the lot of them at least ??
16:36, Thu 7 Nov
Pretty sure Gardner doesn't count towards FFP because of his coaching role, but yeah in terms of wages it will free up a lot.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
16:54, Thu 7 Nov
It's only in league one and two where being a player coach wages only counts half for FFP. I remember reading about it when Derby signed Rooney.
17:49, Thu 7 Nov
As it stands right now I cant think of a logical reason to let Mags go.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
18:42, Thu 7 Nov
Expiring in 2020:
JCS(loan)- tara
Craig G - coach
Montero (loan) - tara
Kief - 1 more year
Keita - tara
Mrabti (1year option) - 1 more year
Magz - 1 more year , he's 32!
Harding - tara
Camp - 1 more year
Grounds - tara
Stockdale - tara
Bailey - big length contract
Weaver - tara
Ramos(loan with option to buy) - sign him up.