17:07, Sat 7 Dec
Who is our next back-up centre half?

17:07, Sat 7 Dec
How refreshing is watching Bela take free kicks after years of shite?
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
17:07, Sat 7 Dec
Who is our next back-up centre half?

Bajrami I’d assume.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
Rab C Nesbitt
We've got a decent full time manager. We shouldn't be shocked

Never been a member of the ' Twenty Games Only ' mob.
And proud of it !
17:08, Sat 7 Dec
We were bloody marvellous in spells today.
17:10, Sat 7 Dec
Great result, watched the stream, bloody well deserved too, up the feckin Pep 💙
Centre half options: Pederson (Seddon), Harding, Dean, Grounds, Bajrami. Not great, but not a disaster either.
17:14, Sat 7 Dec
Great stuff from Blues today.

We really are a good team to watch nowadays, a bit erratic at the back, especially from set pieces: but at least we're not boring anymore.

Gimenez was immense today, his finishing wasn't the best but the way he held the ball up and linked play was superb. McEachran looks like a very good player and Jude was great again.

I just hope that the injuries don't keep mounting up as we really do look like a team on the up.

KRO, up the Pep.
17:20, Sat 7 Dec
After being so severely disrupted in the first half that’s a hell of a performance
18:18, Sat 7 Dec
Ref was good again today as well.
18:22, Sat 7 Dec
Ref was good again today as well.
Yeah tbh the ref had a sound game.
19:46, Sat 7 Dec
No he wasn’t, just better than the last games he’s been in charge of us.
10:46, Sun 8 Dec
The one guy on the stream I was watching was saying that the first 15 minutes of that second half was the best football he has seen down there from an opposing team. 👍😁
11:02, Sun 8 Dec
We were a different team second half, not sure the injuries had something to do with the first half performance.
We played way more direct some neat flicks and passing we looked a real threat.