Ask any of the 7OOO who were closing there eyes every time the ball came near Camp saturday got to be Trueman ,but then Pep/Ren picking the team could be Gardener .KRO
17:15, Fri 10 Jan
Trueman for me
the king loves me
17:23, Fri 10 Jan
Both at the same time
17:32, Fri 10 Jan
18:07, Fri 10 Jan

If people really want Trueman dropped then Stockdale or Ramos are the only options we should look at. Camp was dropped for a reason and it’s not something he can improve on.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
18:58, Fri 10 Jan
Trueman, Camp is utter shite.

And that's from Camp himself...

19:34, Fri 10 Jan
As part of the goalkeeping union, Trueman does not fill me with confidence.

Doesn't look like he communicates as much as you should

Doesn't instil confidence in the defence.

Doesn't command areas

Doesn't save many shots, yes made a few worldies but I believe positioning has been abit off which meant some goals could've been saved

Even though camp as a clanger in him, his distribution is better, defence seems more stable. Communication is better and he comes across as confident and doesn't give two effs.

Out of a bad two. Camp all day long.

Wouldn't mind that Ramos being given a go. You don't play for real Madrid (at any level) for nothing
19:43, Fri 10 Jan
I agree he don’t give to fecks lol
As for more stable defence, camp hasen’t played behind the shambles of the past few weeks.
As for distribution, well wow fecking wee 🤪
19:52, Fri 10 Jan
Other than throwing the ball in against Wigan, dropping the ball against Fulham, missing the ball against Leeds, falling like a geriatric at Derby, and missing the ball against Forest, Lee Camp has been a picture of calm and experience.

So calm that towards the end the defenders didn’t even bother moaning at him, they just shook their heads and walked back to the centre circle.
19:56, Fri 10 Jan
Diving out the way at Swansea tops all of them 🤨
19:57, Fri 10 Jan
Green Seamer
Would like to see Trueman have a run at it (6 or so games) with Roberts and JCS in front of him instead of Dads Army (AN Other + Dean) every week. Then its time to judge.
Exactly! The defence in front of Trueman has been absolutely disastrous, to say the least, and despite having a hell of a lot to do, has not dropped a major clanger( probably shouldn’t have said that!). Yet some of you still want calamity camp in??? I find this very strange
20:32, Fri 10 Jan
Camp, much more control of the game and has some good saves in him. Albeit let’s in a soft goal every now and then. Needs replacing though
21:10, Fri 10 Jan
My sweaty chocolate starfish.
23:10, Fri 10 Jan
Camp for me, we seem to tick better when he plays

Other than that cracking save against Millwall, Trueman has not convinced me tbh.
23:14, Fri 10 Jan
If Camp plays tomorrow we may as well release all our academy keepers and play rush back through our youth teams
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