13:13, Mon 13 Jan
If it's a Witton follower with any wit

Hmm - anyone else seeing the flaw here?...
13:30, Mon 13 Jan

I did think a line about it being kind of Citeh to stop scoring whilst a Witton fan could still count their goals on one hand might have been appropriate!

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13:31, Mon 13 Jan
Should've made him a ham sarnie. 6 slices on one half one slice on the other handed to him and say nothing.
13:47, Mon 13 Jan
Says the poster who uses emojis
15:06, Mon 13 Jan
I would just smile from start to finish.
18:22, Mon 13 Jan
How did you play it?
18:26, Mon 13 Jan
Should have said β€˜wow did you see villas odds to go down are now 1/6’!!
19:02, Mon 13 Jan
It's hard to take the piss too much when we're an absolute shipwreck of a football club.
20:11, Mon 13 Jan
If it’s a business lunch, don’t talk about football at all. They should be impressed by your self-restraint, as most DVBs would go straight for the jugular if roles were reversed.

If it’s not a business lunch, then raise the subject immediately after saying hello. And don’t let them change the subject until dessert arrives.
You don't think they're in a better position to do poss taking?
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
08:54, Tue 14 Jan
How did you play it?

I said nothing.

It was over an hour before it came up (as an aside to other conversation) that "I went to the match yesterday".

It was boring then because he immediately conceded that, after the first 15 mins or so, Villa were shit and that Man City totally dominated for well over an hour..

Wasn't really worth taking the piss...
09:15, Tue 14 Jan
That's because as blues we tend not to rub other team's noses in it which if it was the other way round he would rub away till u had no nose left
10:13, Tue 14 Jan
I'm surprised he didn't tell you about a fantastic meal he had in 1982, before admitting he was only 3 at the time and it was really his Dad and Uncle who told him all about it ....
10:43, Tue 14 Jan
is with a Villa fan.

At what point do I start a football conversation?


I'd both sit at the wrong end of the table if I were you.
This bit down here is hardly worth reading.
11:11, Tue 14 Jan
Fat Buddha
Don’t mention it, the anticipation will kill the bastard

This, they expect you to say something, so just say nothing.

It winds them up even more because they've got all their come backs prepared and rehearsed and they can't use them.