19:50, Mon 13 Jan
The head coach and defender were seen having an in-depth discussion on the pitch, just minutes after Blues defeated Luton Town 2-1

19:52, Mon 13 Jan
" ...SHA said you were going to Charlton ... I phoned and asked them ... Bobby wasn't in but Jack said no thanks ..."
19:56, Mon 13 Jan
"...AmeliaBlue sends her regards..."
20:07, Mon 13 Jan
"You'll look decent again, once they sack me"
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
22:45, Mon 13 Jan
“I’m Harley Dean, I am a great defender. I’m Harley Dean, I’m better than Wes Harding. I’m Harley Dean, I never give the ball away.”

Or perhaps

“Harley Dean was a bluenose but now he hates the brummie fans, he called the Tilton tosspots before his one match bans”
08:06, Tue 14 Jan
"It was a very healthy conversation. There’s a really good atmosphere within the group and that helps us improve the way we adapt to different situations that come up in games.”

If he's having to say that, the opposite is true. In my opinion
09:37, Tue 14 Jan
Dean looked like he was telling him to F*** off at the end
10:16, Tue 14 Jan
I watched the conversation live at the ground, it didn't really look a problem to me.

It's one of them, I saw a player and a manager discussing some point of the game - if people want to see them telling each other to eff off, that's what they will see.
10:34, Tue 14 Jan
Anyone who has played football at even a half decent level will know these conversations will happen.

Id argue one of the biggest problems we have is we dont have enough players who have strong enough characters to disagree or vocalise an opinion