11:25, Tue 14 Jan
Wants to manage one more club before he calls it quits, match made in heaven.
11:27, Tue 14 Jan
Bloody Neil Warnock always wants to manage just one more club...
11:31, Tue 14 Jan
Would do a job here tbf.
11:32, Tue 14 Jan
Is there a vacancy?
11:33, Tue 14 Jan
Fat Buddha
Is there a vacancy?

There will be soon.
11:34, Tue 14 Jan
Fat Buddha
Is there a vacancy?

Our last couple manager's probably thought that aswell
11:38, Tue 14 Jan
Do a job for them lot
11:56, Tue 14 Jan
I can't get past his hairline - does his wife do it for him?
11:56, Tue 14 Jan
All day long for me, Franksie
Sonic Youth fan. MBV. If you like feedback that much get a job at the council.
12:03, Tue 14 Jan
In a heartbeat.....
12:05, Tue 14 Jan
hardly a forward step for the club though
12:17, Tue 14 Jan
True, especially now we're enjoying the heady heights of having a failed Oxford United manager.
12:21, Tue 14 Jan
Is it really what we want though? I mean really for eff's sake?

There has got to be somewhere and someone in between Clotet and a 71 year old bile filled long-ball merchant for people to wish for hasn't there?
12:23, Tue 14 Jan
he 'gets us' though pal
12:26, Tue 14 Jan
Yeah man, he knows how to "stop effing about and gerrit forward" alright...