Fecking joke ref as usual.
21:36, Tue 21 Jan
This a fecking disgrace. If Boro had anything about them they'd let us walk it in.

Seriously just feck off.
Bet they won’t
21:36, Tue 21 Jan
Powder puff up front. Shambles.

You'd have thought the strongest team we have allegedly had post Hughton, including strikers, wouldn't be like that
21:36, Tue 21 Jan
F*CK the EFL
21:36, Tue 21 Jan
But he's booked Pep fanny.
Sean Rush for Blues sent off Clotet booked,
21:37, Tue 21 Jan
Pep yellow Rush red card

No goal

Dropped ball uncontested
He's given us a dropped ball nowhere near where we were.

This honestly up there with the most stupid things I've ever seen.
Ref needs to give us a penalty
21:38, Tue 21 Jan
effing disgusting.
Good lads, steam in. Sick of being the nice guys.
21:38, Tue 21 Jan
I went to Middlesbrough once. It was closed.
21:38, Tue 21 Jan
Football is an absolute joke. We have a winning goal denied, 4 minutes injury time after 10 minutes of delay. Meanwhile the scum score in the 5th minute of injury time when only 4 was flagged.

Game is a farce
Was that boro bloke even injured. Couldn’t see anything worth stopping the game for
21:39, Tue 21 Jan
But he's booked Pep fanny.

Hopefully a touchline ban