14:39, Wed 22 Jan
Robert Hopkins
club have said they are complaining yeah that will make a difference

Knowing our luck, the EFL will uphold our complaint, order the match to be replayed, and we’ll lose it.

Imagine that sent us down 😳 would be typical Blues though.
14:51, Wed 22 Jan

Boro message board saying that Lee Camp was shouting for the medics to come on the pitch.

He really doesn't help himself win the fans over.

"It was just that, a big scuffle. Two of our lads, and their keeper were absolutely screaming at the ref to stop it. Our medical staff sprinted on (not sure if it was before the ref blew to stop it), looked like a few of their staff took exception to this and were fuming it had been blown up, Leo was typical Leo and got himself involved, which then just invited almost everyone up from the bench. Handbags."
14:56, Wed 22 Jan
The whistle went before the ball was crossed.
18:20, Wed 22 Jan
My Blue Heaven
It’s not the ref to blame for last night it’s the person who ran onto the pitch.

Ref had no choice

Surely there should be some sanction on Boro for allowing their officials to run onto the pitch whilst the game was still in play/before the ref blew his whistle?

Also, I think we are far too soft as a team and as a bench. Teams that moan at and hassle the ref, go down easily, don’t kick the ball out, run on the pitch before the ref stops the play etc. seem to get away with things. I hate this type of stuff and it is cheating the public out of their hard earned. But we need to start doing it better to compete given that the authorities seem unable or unwilling to stop it.
09:34, Thu 23 Jan
I’m sure that running into the pitch by their officials should be a red card

Interestingly, even though they did, that’s not a reason to stop the game. You should let the game proceed. And in that case the goal would be allowed. (Our physio woukd mean it woukd be disallowed).

If the player had a head injury, he should be checked by a doctor

If he was knocked out (as claimed), then he can’t come back on at all.

The ref lost control completely

BTW, IIRC going down to stop the game hapo nd at our place too
09:48, Thu 23 Jan
Against Boro?

I remember an incident against Fulham I think.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!