14:04, Wed 22 Jan
We are not going down due to the crap below us. Do we go for it on Saturday?
14:05, Wed 22 Jan
No, I’d give the likes of Pedersen, Colin, Juke a rest.

Get Keita, Grounds and Sun in for a laugh.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
14:11, Wed 22 Jan

A cup run is the only thing that could lift the spirit at the club at the moment
14:20, Wed 22 Jan
Full strength, win, get a cup run and some excitement
14:26, Wed 22 Jan
It's a 'yes' to the OP, but what is our 'best' team? It's certainly one with Jude in the XI that's for sure, but GG and Davis doing enough to suggest one of them should be in too.
Sunjic should buck his ideas up but Mrabti is impressing me.
14:30, Wed 22 Jan
Most definitely. A ‘full house’ deserves it. I expect a cracking atmosphere and a great end to end game. Coventry play the game the right way, and will be difficult to beat - even with our strongest side.

I’d like to see Jude play a blinder, really loving the occasion. It all helps to keep him where his heart is. The money can wait.
14:44, Wed 22 Jan
The money can wait.

Very easy to say when it's not yours...
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15:27, Wed 22 Jan
I'd like to see a fairly strong team with one or two rested e.g. Juke. It would be good to see Bailey get a game.

Camp/ Trueman

Colin/ Harding, Roberts, JCS, Pederson

Crowley, Sunjic, McEachran/ Bellingham, Bela

Gimenez, Bailey
15:31, Wed 22 Jan
I think Pep will be under massive pressure from the people running the club to win this, losing to our business partners will be embarrassing for them
15:32, Wed 22 Jan
If we lost I think it could be the final nail. 2 wins in 15 league games and out the cup to a 3rd div team.

When you see what people have got sacked for in the past...
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
15:48, Wed 22 Jan
A win will keep our season going. And it'll be the last 16 of the FA Cup. We deserve a bitt of a buzz for a few weeks
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15:54, Wed 22 Jan
Strongest team, four unbeaten, momentum.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
15:57, Wed 22 Jan
Colin Bajrami JCS Pedersen
Crowley Sunjic McEachran Maghoma
Gimenez Bailey

Bernard Sun on the bench or else
I got the horses in the back
16:01, Wed 22 Jan
Whilst not tearing up trees, it would be five games.
16:16, Wed 22 Jan
Whether we are 'going down' or not we should still put out the strongest team.
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