20:42, Thu 13 Feb
20:53, Thu 13 Feb
Great, that.😀
The Belle of St. Trillions
22:30, Thu 13 Feb
75 this year Jasper. Where does the time go.

Had a quadruple heart bypass couple of years back but all’s well now.

Always remember his quip after the Carling cup win. “That’s half my act gone now”
00:45, Fri 14 Feb
Does anyone know if Jasper did Brugge Away? I really hope he did, but I suspect he didn’t. If he’d been there, surely he would have done a sketch on it. There was so much material.
Oh, what a night....
01:18, Fri 14 Feb
Didnt see him in Brugges, not surprising really, amongst the hordes.
But had a chat with him in Madeira at the qualifier against CD Nacionale
Credit, patience and stay behind them
01:21, Fri 14 Feb
When I was very young... 1974... I thought he and TF looked the same.
01:38, Fri 14 Feb

Credit, patience and stay behind them