11:45, Fri 14 Feb
Birmingham City FC is 70th on a list that ranks the top 92 clubs in England according to their fan engagement

11:55, Fri 14 Feb
I can help you out with your questions tbf

We want to know if our club is being run in a financially sustainable manner

no, its not

We want to know if our stadium is sold to a different company


now what?
12:00, Fri 14 Feb
Another pointless article that isn’t going to help anything.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
Blues Trust, who look to represent the entire BCFC fanbase, have asked the club to offer more interaction with its supporters

07:29, Sat 15 Feb
Looks amateurish , not sealing it
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
07:32, Sat 15 Feb
Blues Trust, who look to represent the entire BCFC fanbase

They represent nothing from me.
They're a lame attempt at being relevant who steal money away from the club from its hard working fans.

Blues Trust Out.
07:34, Sat 15 Feb
Remember those BRMB sports forums from the 1990's a few of which involved club hierarchy plus the hour long special phone-ins on WM

Can you imagine the current board doing those kind of things now, sitting down for a chat?

Ground improvements/development
Medium to long term plans for the club
Picking over the bones of what's gone on the last 4-5 years
Would be quite a listen

In the absence of this and the local media (cut to the bone I know but still...) failing to hold these folks to account, I say fair play to the Blues Trust
08:46, Sat 15 Feb
It’s just another open letter which won’t get a response, from the same people who recently told 1875 that the Dong out banner wasn’t the right way to do things.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.