15:22, Mon 29 Jun
I’ve always been a fan of Fowler but wouldn’t want him as our Manager. No Ta

He was a great natural finisher.

I get nervous when these kind of big names are mentioned. There’s a danger of Dong going for someone largely because he was such a great player, a big name, when I’d much rather a lower profile person with proven managerial ability that’s relevant to our situation and needs.
18:30, Mon 29 Jun
Always had massive respect for fowler after what he did in the final.... Don't really want another superstar name as a manager though.
19:16, Mon 29 Jun
From what I've heard, he actually did a fairly decent job over there. They won 4 games the season before he joined.

He wouldn't be too high up on my list as he hasn't got any managerial experience in this league but it's not sounding like everyone is exactly jumping at the opportunity to manage us currently.

Has Alan Curbishley chimed in yet ?
19:28, Mon 29 Jun
Yeah I quite like Fowler as a bloke.

Be a shocking appointment though.