11:28, Mon 29 Jun
It's going to be a manic close season for us then. If those expected to leave do indeed leave, we will need a new team of around 10 players. So we could do with a new manager and a new team being recruited and bedded in within a 7 week period.

Thankfully we have Dong overseeing it all, being the business and football genius that he is. What could possibly go wrong?
11:31, Mon 29 Jun
Who would even know? It's all just guess work right now
11:44, Mon 29 Jun
Central warks are targeting 12th September start as normal.

MJPL have already confirmed that weekend as well.
12:33, Mon 29 Jun
Different sport but my rugby club have lined up friendlies in August to work the rust out
15:12, Mon 29 Jun
Isn't there rumours they might trial crowds in one of the England tests in August?
Dong Ren Out.