08:18, Tue 30 Jun
Has turned up in the betting now.
08:19, Tue 30 Jun
08:47, Tue 30 Jun
be all right if when we are in league one.
Birmingham are 7 points clear of the relegation zone and people say we are doomed. vile are in the relegation zone and people say they are safe, this place is an utter drama queen area
08:51, Tue 30 Jun
Literally got his team promoted last night, someone has saw that thought, yeah worth a fiver.
09:02, Tue 30 Jun
09:15, Tue 30 Jun
Fat Buddha
Has turned up in the betting now.
Isn’t he the one who labelled John Gayle a ‘Dummie Brummie’ when JG rocked up at Wimbledon?
Alledgedly Gayle smacked him up for his comments!!

09:22, Tue 30 Jun
Wait for the Mail story later to say Curle is now bookies favourite
09:23, Tue 30 Jun
Keith Curle was seen as a comedy act when he played, tried to live off the Wimbledon reputation but hadn't got the form.

There was a game at St. Andrew's when he played for Wolves as well - he tried to come it with one of our players, might have been Martin O'Connor? Anyway, whoever it was basically faced him up and had him shitting his shorts.

You'd like him DES, he's a real gerritforward merchant. I watched their game last night and they kicked everything in sight...sometimes it was even the football. They did win and get promoted to be fair, so respect for that.
09:27, Tue 30 Jun
Was some turn around after losing the home leg of the semi but, as you say, it wasn't very subtle.
What did the Knights in White satin?
09:31, Tue 30 Jun

BAME actually...
GBR 2020: Sepia tinted visions of a past that never really was, informing an idea of the future that was never really possible.
13:20, Tue 30 Jun
Great knowledge; DES.
Gayle lasted about 4 months with the DonsN before Mackay snaffled jim up

KEITH Curle wa a massive prick and probably stull is.
13:29, Tue 30 Jun
Fat Buddha
Has turned up in the betting now.

Out of contract as well.