03:08, Sat 1 Aug
I tried to order it, but found no way to deliver to the US, can this be done?
Got the book today off Amazon. And a refund of £1.06p 😆
Only read the first chapter so far, but enjoyed it mate 👍

...just had an email from Amazon, my copy isn't coming until between the 7th and 14th August, the printing press must be on fire with all the orders from SHA 😁

....just had my notification from Amazon coming earlier than expected so looking forwards to reading it.....one thing though, who brought the Zonal Marking book or the book on TF amongst the SHA community 🤔🤔
19:22, Sat 1 Aug
Came in the post today and read first two chapters. I recommend to anyone not yet bought it 👍
19:24, Sat 1 Aug
I ordered it from New York coming in October.
I didn't read Zonal Marking but have read The Mixer by the same guy, a superb read.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
10:27, Mon 3 Aug
Ordered. Looking forward to giving it a read!

Top man
21:02, Mon 3 Aug
reading this and its great. Not sure if its got the appeal for non Blues fans but very enjoyable as a Blues fan.

Lots of potential with this kind of read..Captures a general sense of the defiant contrariness of being a Blues fan, but not the darker side that marks the club out for many.. fFor me a little too much chronological factual stuff, this match, that match, this match in a diary fashion. Nicely irreverent though in places..
06:21, Tue 4 Aug
Congratulations Jon on a great book. Could not put it down and have read it over the past 2 nights We might not have had much of a team recently but we have at least 2 excellent wordsmiths in Dan and Jon. Must find a copy of Jon's previous book Boomeranting if it's still available.
10:03, Tue 4 Aug
Ordered a copy this morning 👍
10:14, Tue 4 Aug
What a brilliant read. Belonging to the same age group (although slightly older!), and hailing from the same area of Brum it mirrors my own experiences supporting the frustratingly but wonderful blues. It truly is like reading my long lost diary. A must for any blues fan and a brilliant read for any genuine footy fan interested in the real side of the game.

Thanks John I found it difficult to put down.