08:00, Thu 30 Jul
And I mean no offence by that...

If you had to choose, who would you say was a better full back out of Stephen Carr and David Langan?

I never saw the latter but someone I really respect thinks he's Blues most underrated ever player. True?
Langan, absolutely no question...sleek jag v powerful SUV.
08:15, Thu 30 Jul
Iā€™d say Langan but, only just
What did the Knights in White satin?
08:16, Thu 30 Jul
Jeff Kenna was decent too

But I actually think my RB in my all time best Blues team would be Gary Rowett
08:16, Thu 30 Jul
Dave Langan by a mile, he would be in my best Blues eleven,great player
08:17, Thu 30 Jul
Langan by a country mile
08:30, Thu 30 Jul
David Langan for me too.
Ray Martin šŸ‘šŸ¼
08:40, Thu 30 Jul
Langan won player of the season in the early-eighties, when there was serious and credible competition for the accolade (seems unlikely, I know).

I voted for Kevin Dillon, if anyone's interested.
I'd be surprised if Langan wasn't in most people's top 10 players let alone full-backs, out of people my age.

Seemed an all-round good bloke too, which helps. He took a lot of stick when he came back when playing for Oxford but it's pretty much accepted that he was pushed out the door.
08:44, Thu 30 Jul
We have had some good full backs over the years, I used to like the one Fry bought from Southend I think,
he wasn't in the same league as some of our better fullbacks but I thought he was underrated, that underrated I cant
remember his name!
08:48, Thu 30 Jul
Scott Hiley?

Exeter, I think.
08:49, Thu 30 Jul
Langan was better. Comfortably.

Which is not to belittle Carr who was ace, but it is what it is.
08:49, Thu 30 Jul
Nah it wasnt him, the one im thinking about was quite stocky, liked a tackle.