Birmingham City news | Karanka will succeed Pep Clotet at the club

18:12, Fri 31 Jul
Cant believe I'm saying this.

Well done to the board.
18:12, Fri 31 Jul
Yesssss get in.

Well happy with that, now give the bastard some cash and get the bus shined up.
Tell you what that crack is really moreish.
18:13, Fri 31 Jul
Unleash the man on a pig!
18:14, Fri 31 Jul
Great news. For the club and my pocket 💷
18:15, Fri 31 Jul
Proper manager at last.
18:15, Fri 31 Jul
Chuffed to bits with this.

Now we need to allow him time (and money) to mould the squad.
18:16, Fri 31 Jul
I'm giving it six months.
18:16, Fri 31 Jul
Great job Blues

Top 6 here we come
18:19, Fri 31 Jul
Best appointment we could have got, so well done to the board.

Their biggest challenge now is to back him, let him do his job how he wants and to not fallout with him... I feel this will be the tricky part but we’ll see.

Up the Blues
18:19, Fri 31 Jul
TQ Blue
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Fire up the effing pig!

Welcome Aitor! You will be loved here
18:22, Fri 31 Jul
Chuffed to bits, made my weekend that has. I’d imagine they are going to back him if they convinced him to sign. Could be a busy 6 weeks with new signings
18:23, Fri 31 Jul
As long as Dong keeps his coaching job then I'm happy. We need some continuity.
Promoted again.