12:37, Sat 1 Aug
You’ll do for me Dan, hopefully we can retire the Captain Chip Pisser title for a few seasons ;-)
12:45, Sat 1 Aug
Let us hope finally we have a decent, intelligent manager who is sharp enough to insist on a plan from the board and the balls to get them to stick to it. Very pleased with the appointment.

The main thing that excites me is that he hasn't failed anywhere.

Had a great stint at 'Boro and when they weren't expected to do much, he took them up.

The Forest fans I've spoken to - whilst there's a couple of murmurs about his brand of football - majority of them seem to think he would've taken them up or at the very least qualified for the Playoffs.

When you compare that to the likes of Clotet who had been a resounding failure in football management prior to taking the rains, its like fishing in a completely different pool of managers.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing who he brings in as his staff. Who he wants on the playing side. How he deals with the players already at the club. How he sets up next season.

It's a complete myth that he's in the same bracket as Pulis, etc. I think the people expecting him to go long to Juke will be pleasantly surprised. It'll be a well-drilled defensive unit with incisive counter attacking and frustrating teams that are used to us being an easy touch.

Not to bring him up again, but it's going to be like Rowett on acid. Only with better players and a proven successful manager.

The amount of times we've kept the ball needlessly and been sh*t-housed on the counter. It's time to start being hard to beat again and start grinding out wins without conceding soft goals.
13:03, Sat 1 Aug
Totally agree. Really don’t want a scattergun approach and potentially millions down the drain.

Want it to be slow and steady. I think this upcoming season most Blues fans will accept a mid table finish where we finally install some pride back into the team and we are a tough nut to crack again. Then we go from there.
13:12, Sat 1 Aug
Spot on.

A mid table finish and maybe a cup run would do me.