11:55, Sat 1 Aug
Avoid at all costs.
“A time comes when silence is betrayal” - Martin Luther King
Yeah looking at Crealy too...might be a tad better than Weston 👍 Some good ideas here, will give them all to the wife to decide whilst I watch some cricket 👍 cheers all!!!
12:06, Sat 1 Aug
Take the wife and toddler to see the the big stand behind the goal at St James's Park. I think it's now the biggest standing terrace in the league.
14:02, Sat 1 Aug
Crealy is great
15:59, Sat 1 Aug
I just came back from Plymouth, only 2 nights but used it as a base to go to Lands End and St Ives.

That’s like using your back garden as a base to get to the moon.
16:11, Sat 1 Aug
Wookey Hole. Nice family pub opposite too.
Are you a National Trust member?

Most have opened their grounds, so acres for him/her to run around in, plus picknicking.
They say I got brains but they ain't doin' me much good.
16:14, Sat 1 Aug
Sidmouth nearby is also nice and an easy short drive on to Exeter. There is the Donkey Sanctuary nearby, don’t know if they are open for visitors though.
You might find that you will be spending quite a long time on the M5 based on my recent experiences of travelling on it during the school holidays especially on a Friday or Saturday. Possibly going to be worse than usual this year with far fewer people going abroad.
16:41, Sat 1 Aug
Babbacoombe model Village is worth a look. We've been a couple of times, there is a lot to see.
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18:30, Sat 1 Aug
I now live in Exmouth.
Be ready to come off the M5 - some summer days the tailbacks are horrific.
Stopping on the way - I too would support using a National Trust property - usually have masses of space for a little one to stretch their legs and toilets!

Exmouth has 2 miles of sand and is well life-guarded. make sure you pay the right amount for parking - wardens can be pretty active at this time of year.
Crealy is excellent for families.
The Donkey Sanctuary out towards Sidmouth is closed unfortunately.
The train ride from Exeter towards Dawlish and Teignmouth is fun - it's the famous stretch right along the coast. Teignmouth is worth getting out at - station right by the town - cafes etc and a beach.

Whatever you get up to - enjoy your time away.
19:33, Sat 1 Aug
I went to Exeter Monday. Nice down by the Quayside for grub and sitting by the river having a jar. Parking is a pain though. Some machines take card others only coins. It's roughly £2.50 for 2 hours round there including Torquay & Paignton where we've just returned from today.
19:47, Sat 1 Aug
Babbacoombe model Village is worth a look. We've been a couple of times, there is a lot to see.

I've been to the model village probably four times in my life - I am 68... I reckon the first time I went was about 58 years ago...
23/01/20 Mad: I'll stop moaning now.
Stop off in Taunton and take the family for lunch at the Castle hotel.

Thank me when you get back.
Another one for you to consider - Ferne Animal Sanctuary, nr Chard, Somerset. Lots of animals from cows and sheep to small furries. Great for little ones to stretch their legs...