10:16, Tue 15 Sep
Sid James
ideally you want 3 strikers, even if you are playing 1 up top

10:52, Tue 15 Sep
We didn’t create a host of chances on Saturday.

Were we ever going to?

Don’t know, but there seems to be an assumption we’re going to make lots more chances than we did last year due to our recruitment and new manager. Not sure if that will be the case.
11:17, Tue 15 Sep
Sounds like this is done now
11:17, Tue 15 Sep
I'm happy with him as a signing. I think its more likely we get the prelockdown version and that player will get us 10+ goals along with juke. If we get a young pacey striker maybe on loan I would call this window a success. I think that would be enough to keep us comfortably safe and then we can have a proper look for the right striker next season. Forwards are so bloody expensive these days that we cannot afford to chance it.

Hogan will fit in with the style I saw on Sat. He's a bit scrappy and will jump at those little half chances.
11:22, Tue 15 Sep
One thing that gets a bit lost is that Hogan does have decent pace.
11:23, Tue 15 Sep
Post lockdown, the entire squad were dire. In a Karanka squad squad where he is wanted he is likely to be in an upbeat mood. Well worth a go but he shouldn't be the only striker added.
11:25, Tue 15 Sep
Sounds like this is done now

How do you know this is done?
11:50, Tue 15 Sep
My issue with Hogan is attitude and desire

It’s not just post lockdown at Blues

What was he like at Stoke? V poor
Vi££a - nothing, v poor

He was exceptionally good for us for about 10 games. For 2 and half years prior to that he has been really quite bad and What appears to be with a poor attitude

I would love him to sign and prove me wrong....
11:53, Tue 15 Sep
What makes you think he’s got a poor attitude?.
12:02, Tue 15 Sep
Seen it a bit after restart, but ....
Loves scoring .
Witnessed his good first touch
Liked his movement and aggression at times.

He was dire along with countless others after the restart and therefore owes us a bit .
Every woman every man
Loves Karankaman, we're Blues
Stand up... stand up.... stand up
Everybody make a noise
We're the Brummie boys
Stand up, stand up .....
12:04, Tue 15 Sep
He doesn’t necessarily have a poor attitude but he does have confidence issues, which is always worrying (particularly for a striker).

I have heard this from people within the game who have actually worked with him. The same people who told me about Grealish’s new contract a few week’s back (which is now reported), nobody else wanting Montero due to his fitness, the Jota swap deal, Che’s transfer etc.
12:10, Tue 15 Sep
He’s defo a confidence player.

The way he dealt with the rebound off his missed penalty was embarrassing.

But if AK can get him in the groove he’s a proper signing for us.
12:15, Tue 15 Sep
Scoot Mcgoot
What makes you think he’s got a poor attitude?.

According to another thread not too long ago, his team mates refused to celebrate with him apparently and vice versa. Despite there being actual proof that isn't true.
12:24, Tue 15 Sep
Hogan will be fine, he will get lots more service in this team and he can finish, if he gets a goal on his debut he'll get 20.
12:31, Tue 15 Sep
that would be some debut
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