07:49, Tue 15 Sep
I haven't got any to pass on so apologies to those that are sucking these up in place of oxygen these days.

Are the fake accounts possibly started by Football Index traders trying to hype up their stock? I'm not sure how FI works properly, does a player have to play well for his stock to rise or can levels in interest in him increase his value?

Does anybody on here dabble in FI?
07:53, Tue 15 Sep
They get dividends for playing well and media dividends too.

Nobody on FI is piling into a player based on a twitter account with 0 followers tweeting that he's on the move.
08:01, Tue 15 Sep
It's not the accounts with zero followers I'm talking about.
11:10, Tue 15 Sep
“ Piling in “ .....

Sussed .......You are a Birmingham Mail reporter .!!!!

Shudders !!
Who painted Rosie's knickers blue and white ?